Резюме від 22 листопада 2017

Крангач Катерина Михайловна

Переводчик английского, 7 000 грн

Неповна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

Дата народження:
23 червня 1996 (21 рік)

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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технический лицей НТУУ "КПИ"

Физ-мат, Киев

Середня спеціальна, з 09.2002 по 05.2013 (10 років 8 місяців)

Додаткова освіта

  • International House (обучалась 5 лет)

Професійні навички

  • Игра на пианино (11 років досвіду)
    Експерт, використовую в даний час.

Знання мов

  • Англійська — експерт

Додаткова інформація

International Experience:

•Interacted with students from more than 50 countries;
•Learned to take into account and appreciate other people’s views and opinions while working in teams;
•Solved real business cases for major Italian companies, one of which was the Italian Airline Alitalia. Our team’s presentation to the company’s representatives was met with much success.

ERASMUS EXCHANGE PROGRAM - Otto-Friedrich University – Bamberg, Germany - 2016
•Being a Bachelor student, took several courses of Master's level, completing them with high grades;
•Gained first-hand knowledge about Germany's culture, people, and their mindset;
•Learned to adapt to a new and unfamiliar environment, becoming more open-minded, confident, and resilient;
•Greatly broadened my horizons by experiencing the European educational system.

WORK AND TRAVEL PROGRAM - Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty - Wisconsin Dells, WI, United States- 2015;
•Worked and lived together with students from all over the world;
•Improved English language skills and knowledge of American culture by communicating and working with U.S. citizens;
•Practiced sales skills by working as a sales assistant in a gift shop
•Was the only one among international students to work at the front desk of the shop, due to excellent communication skills.

•Was named in the university President's List (students with the highest achievements and GPA score) in years 2014, 2015, and 2016;
•Maintained the average of an A in the university, while also working part-time;
•Received the highest total weighted average score of 100 students for courses Money and Banking, Quantitative Methods in Economics;
•Due to extensive intercultural experience, was invited to join Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars.
•Was chosen among more than 1,000 university students to take part in ERASMUS exchange program, and was awarded the grant to cover all my expenses;
•Was selected among more than 300,000 young professionals to participate in the International Careers Festival in Rome, Italy, and was awarded full scholarship;
•Greatly increased the awareness of the university students about AUBG Business Club and events it organizes by improving its social presence, as well as preparing promotional materials and activities;
•Completed Project-Management Workshop held by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in November 2016;
•Participated in an independent theatrical play "12 Angry Men”, directed by one of AUBG students, while also achieving the GPA of 4 in that semester;
•Graduated from high school with honors in Physics and Ukrainian literature;
•Won the III place in a Kiev Academic Competition in the subject "English language".

•Intercultural knowledge (developed while studying abroad in an international university, while working in USA, and during the exchange program in Germany);
•Presentation skills (built up by delivering presentations in the university to large and small audiences, to both students and professors);
•Writing skills (academic essays, research papers, articles, article reviews, fiction stories);
•Language skills: Full professional proficiency in English (gained in American University and mastered during Work & Travel program in USA); fluent in Russian and Ukrainian (native languages); intermediate knowledge of Bulgarian (practiced while living in Bulgaria); basic knowledge of German (practiced while being on exchange in Germany);
•Communication skills (developed by working in teams and interacting with people of different communicating styles)
•Piano playing skills (gained by completing musical school);
•Teamwork skills (developed by completing group projects in high school, university, and at work; practiced by being a member of a musical band for 5 years);
•IT skills (knowledge of OS Microsoft Windows; experience in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint; knowledge of OS Linux; experience in graphical editors Gimp and Inkscape);
•Ability to adapt quickly (developed when studying and working in different countries with people of various cultures and backgrounds; practiced by adjusting my attitudes, behavior, and mode of thinking to specific cultures and individuals);

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