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Zozulya Denis

Business Development, IT Sales Manager, Head of Sale

Повна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

Дата народження:
31 липня 1980 (36 років)
Готовий до переїзду:
Дніпро (Дніпропетровськ), Запоріжжя, Київ, Львів, Одеса, Ужгород

Контактна інформація

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Додаткова інформація

“What is the use of vows? They are not what binds people. If you feel in certain way about a thing, that binds you to it; if you don’t feel that way, nothing else can bind you. …..you asked me if I could trust you. Can you not trust me, too? Indeed, if there were anything to tell, I would tell it to you; but there is no use in talking about these things. ….But I must go my way and follow the light that I see.” The Gadfly/Voynich E.L.

Professional Manager accomplishing many different kinds of tasks over past years is looking for serious job offer that can inspire me and exploit my experience. My work has been challenging, varied and successful and there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. I am proven leader with long standing history of making sales and promotion successful. My entrepreneurial spirit and drive will be huge benefit for owners and executives who want not only to achieve results, but also to be beyond competitors in our rival time. For such welcome and feel free to contact me (24/7) and without any hesitation. I also invite true HR mngrs to promote my CV.
Personal: self-starter, hardworking, problem solver, an analytical and logical thinker with great ability and drive, man of his word

International Business Development (head up)
Rb (Canada), (web,mobile, ecommerce development)
- Quality leads generation (Linkedin), identifying decision makers, working with C-level from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies (Canada, US, EU). Collaborates with senior leadership to define and deliver solutions to reach organizational goals
- Extensive Market research(IN), monitoring market, data mining, (re)targeting
- Cold & warm calls, presentations, email-marketing and e-mail correspondence
- Business process transformation and marketing emphasis
- Small sales team development and mentoring
- Negotiation and renegotiation
- Sales & delivery

Business Development / IT Sales manager
Program Ace, 3D Ace (2D/3D modeling, games, web/mobile development)
- Analysis and research of the market (cold & warm calls), presentations
- Leads generation (Linkedin), identifying decision makers
- Monitoring market, data mining, targeting, e-mail correspondence

IT Sales manager (web development)
Private Entrepreneur
-Search of clients (EU, CIS etc.), Upwork
-Promote services, cold&warm phone calls, emails
-Key decision makers search, negotiation and renegotiation
-Analyze data, monitoring market, targeting
-Outstaffing deals
-Promotion in social media markets (Facebook, Вконтакте, etc.)

2004- 2013
Deputy GM (Kharkov), Recognized as 2008 Development and Sales Manager of the Year in Ukrainian Industry
“Trade House “ElteH”, LLC (electrical engineering)
- Sales B2B
- Search of suppliers, coordination and controlling of external contracts(China, Italy, Poland, CIS)
- Cooperation with customs, resolving and logistic companies
- Organization and management of all types of current economic and commercial activities.

Deputy GM (Kharkov)
“Trade House “ELECTRIC MACHINES”, LLC (electrical engineering)
- Sales B2B, manage price strategy,administration, controlling sales team
- Prepare, approve & execute monthly budget and achievement of profit targets

Regional Sales Manager (Kiev) / Branch Head
Phoenix International (United Kingdom)
- Market analysis and monitoring of competitors activities
- Opening the branch
- Search of wholesale clients, networking, develop and implement strategic sales plans, controlling payment and delivery terms

Customer Service Manager (Kiev)
-controlling payment term
-presale development and customer support
-market analysis

-Institute of Management and Computer Science (Kharkov)
Management Information Systems (GPA 4.8, 5.0 scale)
-High School Diploma in Mathematics, Distinction

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