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Koval Valentyn

ETL DWH BI Developer

Повна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

Дата народження:
16 червня 1973 (45 років)

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Досвід роботи

ETL / DWH / BI / Back-end / SQL Developer

з 08.2014 по нині (3 роки 11 місяців)
master35, Kyiv (startup)

My responsibilities: Design for scalability and extensibility; Data modelling, data mapping, designing databases schemes; Development of innovative solutions for metadata management; Prototyping and selecting frameworks, architectural and design decisions; OOA / D / P, coding, testing, debugging, refactoring; Code review, localization of problems and troubleshooting;

Oracle PL/SQL Developer, Associate Consultant

з 02.2014 по 08.2014 (6 місяців)
GlobalLogic, (software R&D services - www.globallogic.com)

My responsibility: Analysis and improving of ETL processes; Bug fixing, improving and development of problematic SQL queries; Analysis and improving code in PL/SQL, T-SQL, XML; Tuning SQL queries; IT-Consulting; Developing BI reports;
Implemented two projects, see below...
Project 1:
Improving of performance of data sync processes / ETL for GlobalLogic R&D
Data sync from Oracle E-Business Suite (Applications / Apps or EB-Suite / EBS) to DataWarehouse (Microsoft SQL Server)
5 team members, including: Deepak Gupta, Umeshwar Thakur, Gursangat Gill, Mithalesh Gupta
My accomplishments:
* Developed the Index Manager - an Oracle package for indexes control
* Developed the Trace - an Oracle package for detailed custom logging
* Implemented analytics of architecture and functionality
* Localized a problem code and proposed a solution
* Implemented partitioning of some tables
* Oracle Database (RDBMS), v 11.1
* Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), v 12.1
* Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP3), v 10.0
* Oracle SQL Developer, v 4.0
* PL/SQL Developer, v 8.0, www.allroundautomations.com
* TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers), v 12.1
* Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, v 10.0
Project 2:
Development and correction of problematic reports for GlobalLogic R&D
5 team members, including: Cindy Leyh, Iuliia Sazonova, Volodymyr Skopiuk, Mikhail Kovalskiy
My accomplishments:
* Fixed GlobalLogic Argentina Payables Sworn Statement Report
* Developed GlobalLogic Argentine Payables VAT Buying Report
* Fixed GlobalLogic Subledger Turnover - Balance Analysis Report
* Developed GlobalLogic Fixed Assets Report for Depreciation Runout
* Oracle Database (RDBMS), v 11.1
* Oracle BI Publisher (Oracle XML Publisher, XMLP), v 11.1
* Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), v 12.1

Web Back-end Developer

з 06.2013 по 01.2014 (7 місяців)
Tradep.net, (Internet-portal - www.tradep.net)

My responsibility: Development of JSON API and new server-side components / business logic for the trade portal including data modelling, data mapping, designing databases schemes, ETL routines, data marts, reporting and tuning SQL queries; Code review, localization of problems and troubleshooting;
Implemented six projects, see below...
1) Building of blogging platform for TradeP
2) Improving of sitemaps data generation for TradeP
3) Improving of online store creation with advertizing slider for TradeP
4) Building of pricing management tool for online stores in TradeP
5) Building of social networking platform for TradeP
6) Building of visit statistics tool for online stores in TradeP

Oracle / Java Developer, Web Back-end Developer

з 10.2012 по 06.2013 (8 місяців)
Software R&D services freelance, (research and development)

Implemented a project: Building of web back-end for online trade
Back-end DB is Oracle Database and MySQL (as NoSQL); Oracle has db-link to MySQL; Oracle has normalisation data and complex logic in PL/SQL packages; MySQL has de-normalisation data; API to front-end implemented in JSON; Web front-end client send commands and gets results in JSON format;
* Built multi hierarchical database for customers, goods, transactions;
* Built ETL routines (extract-transform-load) and Data Marts;
* Built transaction tracing and feedback system;

ETL / DWH / BI Architect and Developer

з 04.2010 по 10.2012 (2 роки 6 місяців)
PINbank, Kyiv (First Investment Bank - www.pinbank.ua)

My responsibility: research, architecture, data modelling, data mapping, designing databases schemes, prototyping, OOA/D/P, coding, testing, debugging, refactoring, implementation, maintenance and ad hoc queries, BI reporting, KPIs;
Technology: Oracle Database 10g; IBM Informix (ProFIX/BANK, www.profix.com.ua); SQL and PL/SQL; Delphi 2007 (DOA - Direct Oracle Access), Java;
My accomplishments: Developed custom code of DWH (data warehouse), ETL (extract, transform, load), PL/SQL API (application programming interface for the DWH), Metadata Engine, BI client for the DWH (data explorer for business intelligence); That code include: 10655 rows in DDL SQL, 24989 rows in PL/SQL;
Implemented four projects, see below...
Project 1:
Building of DWH (data warehouse) for PINbank
Technology: Oracle Database 10g; IBM Informix (ProFIX/BANK, www.profix.com.ua)
DW1 (Data Warehouse #1) have the independent referential integrity of data and contain many millions of records and history of records change; For this purpose I coded 8190 rows in DDL SQL for 47 tables (including triggers, constraints, partitions and indexes); DW1 execute the automatic tracking of attributes change in dimensions
Project 2:
Building of data sync process / ETL for DWH of PINbank
Technology: Oracle Database 10g; IBM Informix (ProFIX/BANK, www.profix.com.ua)
ETL1 (Extraction, Transformation, Load #1) is the exclusive fault-tolerant system for accumulation and synchronization of data from Automated Banking System ProFIX (IBM Informix 10) to PINbank Data Warehouse (Oracle 10g); I coded 941 rows in DDL SQL for 20 tables (including indexes and constraints) and I coded 12031 rows in PL/SQL for 66 stored procedures for this purpose; ETL1 functioned nonstop throughout 2 years without needed maintenance! Every day ETL1 was processing many millions of records. Process time is 50 - 75 minutes. ETL1 provided the complete, authentic and up-to-date information and generated metadata
Project 3:
Building of data marts for DWH of PINbank
Technology: Oracle Database 10g
For this purpose I coded 12958 rows in PL/SQL for 18 packages (including 140 procedures and functions) and I coded 1524 rows on DDL SQL for 55 temporary tables. Also I designed and developed complex and interactive visualisations. In those reports users can do multivariate hierarchical aggregation of data and drill-down the sums of reports to level of analytical accounts or personal accounts; And users can modify reports by oneself, and they can do any analytics
Project 4:
Development of BI client for DWH of PINbank
Technology: Oracle Database 10g, Delphi 2007, Java
DX2 has been developed for this purpose. DX2 is Windows desktop application. I developed 47 classes and I coded 11054 rows for this. DX2 is the basic tool of users in work with Data Warehouse for business analysis. I implemented 2 versions and 24 releases;

ETL / DWH / BI Developer

з 08.2009 по 04.2010 (8 місяців)
PrJSC Furshet, Kyiv (national supermarket chain - www.furshet.ua)

My responsibility: Maintenance and development of ETL (extract, transform, load), DW / DWH (data warehouse), data marts, BI reporting;
Technologies: Oracle Database 10g, SAP R/3 (SAP ERP), BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI (BO / BOBJ);
My accomplishments: Implemented a data sync with SAP R/3 and accumulation of data from heterogeneous sources including validation of primary data of competitive environment; Modified the data warehouse; Built reports in BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI and Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and maintenance it

Software Developer

з 12.2008 по 08.2009 (8 місяців)
PFTS Stock Exchange, (leading stock exchange in Ukraine - www.pfts.com)

My responsibility: data modelling, data mapping, designing databases schemes, ad hoc SQL queries, prototyping, OOA/D/P, coding, testing, debugging, refactoring, implementation of components for automated securities trading system PFTS NEXT;
Implemented a project: Development of back office for automated securities trading system of PFTS Stock Exchange
PFTS Back Office was completely and successfully developed and implemented. Extra bonus was paid for reason of timely and good implementation;
I have developed PFTS Back Office as architectural part of the automated securities trading system PFTS NEXT and as a data source for Internet site of the stock exchange and as tool of interaction with partners and clients;
I have built 107 tables DB on Firebird including automatic tracking of attributes change plus ETL routines and data marts, and I have built 45 classes for desktop client;
* Firebird RDBMS
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005
* CodeGear RAD Studio Delphi 2007
* XML, ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)
* Subversion (SVN, version control system)

ERP / BI Developer, T-SQL / Delphi / VBA Developer

з 01.2007 по 12.2008 (1 рік 11 місяців)
VVS-LTD, Kyiv (pharm. distributor)

My responsibility: data modelling, data mapping, coding, testing, debugging, refactoring, implementation, maintenance of components, modules and functionality for ERP-system and for special projects including building and development of databases, business logic, user interfaces and ad hoc SQL queries;
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server 2005; Delphi 7; ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), VBA;
My accomplishments:
Implemented current tasks:
* Executed elements of business processes using the ad hoc SQL scripts;
* Assigned roles and grants of corporate databases users;
* Developed and executed ad hoc analytical queries to corporate databases for departments of finance, warehouses, human resources, logistics;
Implemented five projects, see below...
1) Building of financial analytical / BI tools for VVS-LTD
2) Development of a prices generator tool for VVS-LTD
3) Building of a sales management tool for VVS-LTD
4) Building of a logistics data management tool for VVS-LTD
5) Development of a warehouse statistic tool for VVS-LTD

Software Developer

з 03.2000 по 12.2006 (6 років 9 місяців)
Entrepreneur, (software R&D services)

My responsibility:
Development of custom software in Borland Delphi, Oracle Database, Firebird RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL), VBA (Visual Basic); Deployment of popular business-applications: Accent - www.accent.ua, 1C - www.1c.ru; Maintenance services;
My accomplishments:
* Developed and implemented database applications for fixed assets management of machine-building factories, salary accounting, taxi management, accounting of gas consumption and management of gas services;
* Supplied, deployed and executed maintenance services for popular software: Accent (accounting) - www.accent.ua; 1C (accounting, salary) - www.1c.ru; Liga:Zakon (legal and business information) - www.ligazakon.ua

R&D Engineer

з 05.1999 по 03.2000 (10 місяців)
Ecoenergetyka, (research and development center)

Tools / Technologies: Project Expert; Microsoft: Project, Excel, Access, VBA (Visual Basic); Galaktika ERP, Oracle RDBMS
My accomplishments:
* Executed system analysis and developed business plan of project the Local System of Energy Production within Coal Enterprise at Use of Subquality Fuel Resources;
* Developed offer within project of complex informatization of enterprise the Production Complex Ukrpromvodchermet (Company Voda Donbassa, www.voda.dn.ua) on basis of the Galaktika ERP (www.galaktika.ua) and Oracle RDBMS;
* Corrected and typed text, developed layout and presentation of the Program of Socio-Economic Progress of Krasnoarmiysk City for 2000 Year


з 06.1995 по 11.1998 (3 роки 5 місяців)
Business Navigator, (telecommunications integrator)

My responsibility: Setup and adjustment of equipment and implementation of software;
Technologies: Motorola, Kenwood, Panasonic PBX, FoxPro, Galaktika ERP: Salary
My accomplishments: Supplied, deployed and executed adjustment of trunked radio systems and PABX (private automatic branch exchange); Supplied, deployed and supported application software for accounting salary in machine-building and coal mining industry

Programmer (Software Engineer)

з 09.1994 по 08.1995 (11 місяців)
Kvant, (electronics manufacture)

My responsibility: Software development in Zilog Z80 CPU Assembler and Turbo Pascal;
My accomplishments:
* Modernized mathematical support (software) of automatic telephone system Atlant;
* Implemented project tasks within development of microprocessor-based system the Efficient Management Console of Ministation Ajur, namely: deployed devices of assembler programs debugging in commands of microprocessor Intel 80386;
* Studied system architecture together with developers of scientific research institute;
* Implemented an emulator (in Borland Pascal) for debugging and adjustment of the Efficient Management Console


Dnepropetrovsk College of Automatics and Telemechanics

Electronic and electric devices of automation, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Вища, з 01.1989 по 12.1993 (4 роки 11 місяців)

Graduate project: Developed a module of registers and control for the device of data gathering;
Development and defence implemented with excellent grades;

Знання мов

  • Українська — експерт
  • Англійська — середній
  • Російська — експерт

Додаткова інформація


15+ years of development experience; Over 25 successful projects were in areas: software R&D, Internet-portal, bank, stock exchange, wholesale/retail trade, logistics, warehouse;

* Data modelling, Designing DB schemes
* SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Server-side/Backend
* Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, MySQL
* Git, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
* HTML, CSS, JavaScript
* ERP, CRM, ETL, DWH (data warehouse), BI
* Delphi, VBA

Ability to learn complex technical material and troubleshooting complex problems; Ability to work independently; Willingness to learn new skills; Interest in technical progression and growth; 10-finger method skill;

linkedin: http://ua.linkedin.com/pub/valentyn-koval/68/a51/796
skype: val.koval1

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