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Цей шукач вирішив приховати свої особисті дані та контакти, але йому можна надіслати повідомлення або запропонувати вакансію.

Цей шукач вирішив приховати свої особисті дані та контакти. Ви можете зв'язатися з ним зі сторінки https://www.work.ua/resumes/3012291/

Sales Manager

Повна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.


Контактна інформація

Шукач приховав свої особисті дані, але ви зможете надіслати йому повідомлення або запропонувати вакансію, якщо відкриєте контакти.

Щоб відкрити контакти, увійдіть як роботодавець або зареєструйтеся.

Досвід роботи

International Sales Specialist

з 11.2015 по нині (2 роки 4 місяці)
Industrial laser and thermal printers manufacturer for barcoding and fast on-demand printing

•Carried out the competitors analysis and market demands in Eastern Europe and CIS
•Set CIS go-to-market strategy
•Keep in touch with the partners in Middle and Eastern Europe for maintaining sales targets
•Built up the potential customers list to 251 companies in my region (chemical industry, automotive, logistic, retail, e-commerce, press publishing and SAP system integrators)
•Communicated with target markets’ end-users’ management, represented product benefits and generated leads for our customers
•Adapted delivery contracts for non-EU companies
•Trained customers’ sales staff and made presentations via Skype
•Russified the website microplex.de, prepared and translated into Russian product presentations
•Wrote the articles and posted them on the web-resources
•Conducted Monthly Newsletters via MailChimp

Sales Specialist

з 10.2013 по 10.2015 (2 роки)
Premium, Kiev (DEKA medical lasers reseller in Ukraine for surgery, gynecology and aesthetic)

•Built up from scratch the customer database (Laser Aesthetic Medicine Centers, SPA, Cosmetology Clinics)
•Organized All-Ukrainian symposium “Laser equipment for gynecology” and further “El.En.” clinic housed courses for gynecologists
•Built up regional network for laser aesthetic interventions
•Took part in specialized exhibitions in Ukraine and Russian Federation

Sales engineer

з 07.2011 по 10.2013 (2 роки 3 місяці)
Mediaprint, Kiev (Mimaki printers Ukraininan reseller for advertisement business)

•Increased sales of alternative eco-solvent inks and Mimaki printers
•Installed and repaired Mimaki and TexJet printers, Trotec and Yeming laser machines
•Gave instructions for clients’ print staff
•Organized demo-room housed printing production, developed departure of UV lather printing

Sales Specialist

з 08.2010 по 07.2011 (11 місяців)
Alsoft, Kiev (PC, laptop hardware & software e-shop.)

•Sold hardware parts for PCs and laptops
•Dealt with suppliers (China, South Korea)

Sales Representative

з 06.2009 по 07.2010 (1 рік 1 місяць)
Asortiment, Kiev (Food distributor)

•Reached sales goals of foodstuff at my sales territory
•Built up chocolate clients database and reached sales targets in Summer


з 11.2007 по 11.2008 (1 рік)
Paton Electric Welding Institute of NAS Ukraine, Kiev (Engineering diagnostics of welding structures)

•Took part in developing and application of an ultrasonic methodology for weld failure predicting
•Visited Ukrainian industrial facilities for responsible welding seals diagnosis


International University of Finance

Finance, Master’s degree in economics, Kiev

Вища, з 02.2005 по 03.2008 (3 роки 1 місяць)

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”

Welding. Electrical and mechanical engineer of welding units, Kiev

Вища, з 09.2002 по 03.2009 (6 років 6 місяців)

Професійні навички

  • Навички роботи з комп’ютером
    Confident computer user (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, CRM, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW)

Знання мов

  • Англійська — експерт
  • Українська — експерт
  • Російська — експерт

Додаткова інформація

International Sales Specialist | Sales Development Specialist | Engineer Sales

Key Skills and Qualities:
-Remarkable experience in negotiation with potential partners in Middle and Eastern Europe and CIS
-Able to organize sales and production processes
-Can work autonomously
-Able to analyze markets and competitors for choosing better marketing strategy
-Communicative, ready for cold calls, easy make an appointment
-Сan sale solutions and complex equipment through the technical education and engineer working experience, B2B and B2C sales, know how to use ROI concept in sales
-Energetic, active, dedicated

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