Резюме від 27 лютого 2017

Лозова Ирина Владимировна

Junior Front-end Developer

Повна зайнятість, неповна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

28 років

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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Досвід роботи

Front-end Developer

з 10.2016 по нині (2 роки)
vipdesign, Киев (разработка сайтов)

доработка существующих сайтов, внесение правок і верстка веб-стриниц

Додаткова інформація

Iryna Lozova
location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Phone number: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)
e-mail: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)
Junior Front-end Developer
HTML (Jade), CSS (SASS), JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp.js, Bootstrap, Pixel Perfect, Photoshop, Git
JIRA, Scrum
Front-end and web development
November 2016 – present
Co-develop a website by using HTML/CSS/JS
writting sass mixins, using jade
adding animation to elemets using GreenSock, magicScroll and native CSS
Front-end and web development
July 2016 - November 2016
During internship read books and articles about HTML/CSS, Javascript, created some interesting projects and everytime I tried to improve it, make better and advance it.
Made carousel using slick
section of training schedule is functional, you can add new trainers and table will flexible to adjust for changes
use flex-box and svg as a background for this schedule.
Scale web-page which always sizing on 100% width and 100% height of browser window, I use vh and vh units, and add timer which counts days, hours and mins to New Year.
The ship have energy and hp.
We have two arrays with 10 ships in everyone. Ships opposing arrays turns shooting to each other. What specific array ship and someone shoots choosing randomly.
The strength of the shot is to be fixed, but have a small random variation. For example the power shot 30+/-10
It is necessary to provide the following outcome of the battle.
1. The hp of all ships of one array ended
2. The energy of all the ships over, but the parties still have a life (draw).
QA Engineer
November 2015 - February 2016
Testing of mobile aplication for Android and iOS platforms.
Content Manager
July 2012- September 2012
Content management for live cycling sport aplication. Updating config and managing image assets on server remotely. Working with .kml routes: editing routes, adding points of interest, styling. QA/verifing application for different configurations.
National Pedagogical University ‘M.P. Dragomanov’, Kyiv
Master`s Degree, Physics and computer scince
Kamjanets-podilsky State University
Bachalor`s Degree, Physics and computer scince
Language skills
English: intermediate, Russian: native, Ukrainian: native.

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