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Gaidar Andrey

The Head, manager of Logistics Department, Technical Director (serv)

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Досвід роботи

Chief mechanical engineer

з 04.2013 по 05.2015 (2 роки 1 місяць)
LLC "Belgoroddorstroy", Belgorod (Construction, repairing, maintenance of the roads and territory improvement.)

The park of car, road and special technique more than 160 units: MAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ, MAN, Vogele, Bomag, Wirtgen, CAT, Bobcat, JCB, Hitachi, Dressta, John Deere, MTZ, Т-170).
•Management and coordination of the whole structure of the Chief mechanical engineer department for fulfillment of the production plan (linear and production dispatchers, repair - mechanical workshops and their sectors (welding, turnery, aggregative), fuels, lubricants, material and technical storehouse, line (on production sectors).
•Formation, correction, replacement of production tasks for the next shift taking into account repair of the cars and special technique, its availability, availability of the required qualified staff and the Chief mechanical engineer department synchronization upon production needs of the sectors (up to 12 production sites, two coating plants, central-mixing plant, dead-end railway track, 2 separate branches).
•Maintenance plans development, overhaul and mid-life repairs of equipment and machinery. The purchase organization of repair parts and components, fuel and lubricant materials. Technical and economic calculation on acquisition of new equipment and machinery, its modernization. Finding suppliers at favorable prices and contractors (should it be found impossible to do it by ourselves). Technical specifications development and introduction of accounting software of fuel and lubricant materials consumption, waybills and the results of transport operation, time tracking, well-timed maintenance regulations in km or m/h.
•Cooperation with government bodies. Police, “Rostekhnadzor”,“Rosavtodor”. Organization of oversized and heavy cargoes transportation. Organization of dangerous cargo transportation. Cooperation with insurance companies, claims activities (with involvement of a lawyer).
•Operational control of production activities. Overexpenditure of fuel and lubricant materials, spare parts movement, monitoring and analysis of satellite navigation, production discipline.
•Staffing work on qualified personnel selection. Probation and training of machinists. Scheduling of vacations and weekends taking into account industrial requirement. Labor protection.

The Head of Transport Department

з 04.2008 по 02.2012 (3 роки 10 місяців)
LLC «Posad», Харьков (Retail)

more than 50 people are subordinate to me
Main duties:
•The full cycle of transport operation for transportation and goods delivery through retail chain. Rolling stock – 45 units (GAZ, GAZel, ТАТА, MAZ, Renault, Lanos).
•Organization and control of delivery department: transportation costs calculation, logistic of routes conveying, transport workload, replacement of vehicle in case of breakage, work schedule of drivers. Organization and control of pre-trip medical examination of the drivers by physician.
•Organization and control of vehicle repair (own repair boxes and mechanics). Search for suitable parts suppliers and repair contractors (should it be found impossible to do it by our own strength) in accordance with price – quality criterion. Reduction and control of the costs on repair.
•Fuel and lubricant consumption for cars control. Organization and control of daily waybills calculating for fuel consumption monitoring and the truck rides to the outlets.
•Cooperation with fuel suppliers (“Ukravtogaz” (methane), “Marshal”, “Kalina”, “UkrTatNafta”, Xado, ОККО, Ekspogaz). Negotiations on the discounts according to volumes, contractual work. Activity on vehicles purchase and selection of appropriate models for cargo flow.
•The reporting work to accounting department. Waybills, fuel calculation reports (based on species and vehicles), lubricants. Document turnover of accounting (tax receipts, sales invoice, statements, invoices).
•Work with the executive authorities and supervision. Work with insurance companies
•Work with personnel: drivers selection, repair workers, dispatchers, medics, logisticians

The Head of Operation Department of mechanization governance

з 02.2006 по 04.2008 (2 роки 2 місяці)
LLC «SeverGazMontazh», LLC «SibTransStroy», Харьков (construction of the roads, bridges, overpasses and reinsulation as well as backfilling of the main gas pipelines under the Far North conditions)

350 units of automotive, road-building and special machineries
Main duties:
•Management and control of the work of automotive and road-building technique on the line (site chiefs, dispatching service).
•Accounting organization of the work results and fuel and lubricant materials consumption by automotive and road-building technique (the special computer program, GPS, fuel consumption recorders).
•Making agreements on services provision with the customers, coasts calculating according to estimate.
•Control of work norms for dump trucks and road-building machineries on the line
•Organization of oversized and heavy cargo transportation. Organization of dangerous cargo transportation (fuel and lubricant materials, oxygen).
•Work on personnel recruitment.
•Cooperation with the structural subdivisions

Fuel and lubricant materials engineer of Operation Department

з 10.2004 по 02.2006 (1 рік 4 місяці)
LLC «SeverGazMontazh», LLC «SibTransStroy», Харьков (construction of the roads, bridges, overpasses and reinsulation as well as backfilling of the main gas pipelines under the Far North conditions)

•Calculation of required quantity of the fuel, lubricants and special liquids according to the necessary nomenclature under special maps for domestic and imported automotive, road-building and special machineries.
•Storing of required number of fuel and lubricant materials in accordance with nomenclature at transport site warehouses taking into account the work volumes, their geographic location and the terms of their possible transport navigation.
•Making requisition for the purchase of required fuel and lubricant materials nomenclature at dates as stipulated taking into account the seasonality of production works and warehouse balance.
•Control of fuel and lubricant materials consumption during equipment operation.
•Control of fuel writing off by dispatchers during waybills calculation, control of premiums and discounts on the fuel writing off during machinery operation.
•Development of fuel norms writing off on new equipment.
•Legalization of permits on fuel transportation by fuel tankers.
•Condition monitoring of tank trucks special equipments and making the necessary orders for their repair and kitting.

Sales manager on market expanding

з 03.2004 по 10.2004 (7 місяців)
LLC "Agrosoyuz", Изюм (Agriculture)

•The selling of spare parts and aggregates, industrial rubber products, bearings, lubricant materials to the domestic and import automotive, agricultural and special machinery.
•Making out bills and orders for production that is to be sold.
•Expansion of the customer base by calling and visiting of potential buyers and production clients.
•Preparation of required reports on sales amount.
•Interaction with the other branches of the corporation.

Head of the car park

з 10.2002 по 02.2004 (1 рік 4 місяці)
Izium Technical School, Изюм (Education)

•Organization of the cars operation on the line and control of their usage.
•Organization of maintenance and repair of the vehicles.
•Control of the cars technical condition.
•Signing the contracts on the goods carriage.
•Legalization of permits on exploitation of vehicles.
•Preparation of the necessary reporting to the state bodies and overhead organizations.


Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University

Management and business, Харьков
Вища, з 09.1998 по 06.2004 (5 років 9 місяців)

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Logistic, technical and staff management, finances, engineering (10 років досвіду)
Експерт, використовую в даний час.

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