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Олейниченко Татьяна Федоровна

Head of Planning Unit, 30 000 грн

Повна зайнятість.

41 рік

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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Досвід роботи

Head of Planning and Customs Logistics Unit

з 01.2007 по 02.2018 (11 років 1 місяць)
“May Ukraine Company” LLC, Киев (manufacturing and sale of tea)

- Operative planning of production for 12-month period;
- Analysis of capacity utilization and its optimal use;
- Monthly planning of the number of personnel required to implement the production plan;
- Analysis and control of the standards approved for production of finished goods;
- Analysis of daily planning and execution of shift targets, residual stocks of finished goods, raw materials, packaging materials;
- Monthly requirements plan for raw materials, packaging materials;
- ABC analysis of raw materials, packaging materials;
- Analysis of residual stocks of raw materials, packaging materials;
- Participation in internal and external audits;
- Participation in tender commission reference to the approval of a new suppliers of tea standards and packing materials
- Control over tender procedure in Units of the Logistic Department
- Administration of the R&D unit;
- Sales planning;
- Consolidation and control of the budget implementation of the Procurement, Transport Logistics and Production Department;
- Control and approval of purchases of raw materials, packaging materials; analysis of compliance with the standards of raw materials stocks, packaging materials, finished goods;
- Analysis, control of Cost1 implementation;
- Participation in the development and launch of new products;
- Control over customs clearance of goods (import, export);

Economic Planner

з 03.2005 по 09.2007 (2 роки 6 місяців)
Private Company “Elfa”, Киев (production and sale of cosmetic production)

-Preparation of current and strategic plans of goods production;
-Analyzing of raw materials stocks and submittal of a proposal for using non-liquid materials;
-Calculation of the required raw materials in accordance with the production plans;
-Monitoring the receivables and payables in cooperation with the partners;
-Report preparation, providing recommendations for budget management, control over bankroll;
-Making stock cash transactions as well as currency transactions via Client-Bank system;

Chief Economist

з 01.2000 по 03.2005 (5 років 2 місяці)
OJSC “Zorya”, Киев (production of household chemical goods)

- Analysis of the company’s financial condition;
- Salary accounting;
- Preparation of the statistic accounting;
- Organization of the production process;
- Preparation of the production plans;
- Supply of raw materials.

Accountant of the infant school

з 07.1999 по 12.1999 (5 місяців)
Kiev Regional Administration, Киев (Kiev Regional Administration)

- Salary accounting;
- Preparation of the accounting report


Institute of Municipal Management and Business

Economics of Enterprise, Киев
Вища, з 09.1994 по 07.1999 (4 роки 10 місяців)

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