Our mission

Provide the very best job search
service that will help people be
happier and develop Ukraine.

Provide the very best job search service

We help people find jobs. We focus on people and want everyone to be able to find the job that best suits them. To ensure this, we attract employers to our site and strive to solve the challenge that they face of finding employees as quickly, conveniently, and efficiently as possible.


For us, this is a continuous process. Doing something once and then stopping is against everything we stand for. We are constantly developing the project and even reach beyond its scope in order to form a multi-faceted service that focuses on needs.

The very best

We don't want our service to just be one of many - we want it to be the best. We want to constantly improve. After all, it can always be made better, more convenient, and more efficient. Every time we finish something, we try to ask ourselves: "Is this the best possible result or can we improve something else?".


Currently, we are primarily developing this site, but in the future it may be apps, bots, or some other service. We also view service as supporting users and customers with our moderation and sales departments through training and development.

Help people be happier

Enjoyable work is an important component of happiness. Opportunities to be engaged in an interesting business, feel needed, and grow make people happy. Money for their effort is, of course, also important in one's life. So every time we help someone find a job, we are helping them be happier.

Develop Ukraine

Every working person contributes to the development of our country through the products produced, the work done, the service provided, the wages paid, and through the smiles of happy people on the street. The more that people find work and the more that companies find employees, the faster and more rapidly Ukraine develops, making life for each of us better.
Our values

Help people

We help people find jobs and employees. However, our desire to help isn't limited to this. We try to help our customers by trying to solve the problems faced by our users. In addition, Work.ua supports initiatives that are aimed at helping in other areas, such as helping people with disabilities. Our company also helps employees, and employees help each other. So we get a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Do it well or not at all

It is this principle that has made us successful. We work until we reach a good outcome, and make sure that it is no worse than it has to be - no matter what effort that requires from us. Everything that Work.ua creates should be excellent: from new functionality to comma placement. This quality of work mirrors our mindset.

Honesty in everything

Honesty is a prerequisite for working at Work.ua. We do not tolerate those who lie, cheat, steal, or hide these actions from anyone. That includes for the company, colleagues, or customers. We say what we think - even if it isn't pleasant. We do what we can to speak candidly to everyone. We don't make empty promises.

Simple and understandable

Everything that we do should be as simple and straightforward as possible. We avoid "ifs". Complex rules are paralyzing, complex interfaces are annoying, and complex projects are hard to maintain. Also, simplicity manifests itself in humility. We don't build complex hierarchies, we aren't afraid of work, and we don't get caught up in past successes.

More for less

We must work as efficiently as we can: achieve more while spending as little as possible. Because of this, we will be able to provide more to our customers, earn more, and continuously grow. We must concentrate our efforts on the tasks that bring the most benefit and not waste time on things that aren't worth it.

Listen and talk

Communication is the most important company process, so we listen carefully and are never afraid to talk. We ask questions until things make sense, and we listen without interrupting - all while remaining polite and positive.

Profit as a resource

Money for us is a resource, not a goal. But we can't exist without money. So, any effort we undertake must help us make a profit. The more we earn, the more good we can do.

Fun and interesting

We culture a sense of humor in ourselves, appreciate it in others, and aren't afraid to look silly. What we are doing brings us, and others, joy and happiness. Additionally, we don't lose our positive attitude even during the most challenging times.

Responsibility as a privilege

We appreciate those who aren't afraid to take on responsibility and who don't try to just hide behind others. We appreciate those who can set goals for themselves, solve problems, and achieve remarkable results. The only people who never make mistakes are those who never do anything. Mistakes happen, but we don't have to repeat them.

Onward and upward

If you aren't going forward, you are going backwards. So, striving for the best guarantees that we remain industry leaders and ensures our company's, as well as our own, constant growth. Everything can always be improved. We are open to everything new. We don't view any task as impossible. A wonderful future awaits us.