Ibtikar Technologies, Co.

Ibtikar Technologies, Co.


50-250 employees

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A software company in Saudi Arabia with the sole focus of making technology solutions accessible, easier and scale-able.

Ibtikar Technologies is the leading software company in Saudi Arabia and the entire MENA Region.

With strategic partnerships and a plethora of clients, the Ibtikar family has over 70 employees across three branches and has released innovative applications and solutions over Apple, Google and Windows Phone app stores serving all sorts of clients, users and industry leaders.

Risk takers by birth and innovators for a living; the Ibtikar team uses the values of commitment, invention, creativity and practicality to turn ideas into tangible technology enabled solutions.

With a constant focus on hiring the best, working with the best and delivering the best, Ibtikar Technologies is your gateway to your next success story if you are on the market for a software company in Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the MENA region.

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