Anonymous posting

With anonymous posting you can post a job for a month with your company name hidden. The job posting date will be updated automatically every week. Thanks to this, the job will always be at the top of the positions list in the search.


2 490 UAH each

2 490 UAH


1 980 UAH each
12 450 ₴−20%

9 900 UAH


1 860 UAH each
24 900 ₴−25%

18 600 UAH


1 740 UAH each
62 250 ₴−30%

43 500 UAH

Complete anonymity
In addition to the hidden company name, the anonymous job posting will not appear in your company's general job listings.
Increase in views
Because the posting is updated weekly, it's viewed more often by job seekers. This will increase the chances of it being closed.
Job offers
You'll be unlimited in your offers of an anonymous job to all eligible candidates in the database to improve your search. If they are interested in your position, they will be able to apply.
Sending out job alerts to eligible candidates
Your job posting will be shared even with those job seekers who are not visiting The job will be sent to all applicants who have the right conditions to sign up.

Payment methods

Visa or Mastercard

Bank transfer

Commercial offers

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