Hot job

Hot posting is the best solution when you need to get as many applications as possible to quickly hire for an urgent job or to find a lot of employees at once.


2 490 UAH/week

2 490 UAH


1 992 UAH/week
12 450 ₴−20%

9 960 UAH


1 868 UAH/week
24 900 ₴−25%

18 675 UAH


1 743 UAH/week
62 250 ₴−30%

43 575 UAH


1 619 UAH/week
124 500 ₴−35%

80 925 UAH


1 494 UAH/week
249 000 ₴−40%

149 400 UAH

Benefits of a hot job posting

For a week, your job will appear at the top of the search results and in the "Hot Jobs" section. The number of views for this job will increase 5-7 times in just one week compared to a Standard posting.
Number of job views

First among search results
  • Your job will be displayed at the top of search results all week and will be marked as "Hot". This will make it as visible as possible to job seekers.
  • Additionally, the job will be extinguished with the "Hot" mark in the search results and in the mailings to job seekers.
First among search results
Maximum promotion
  • The hot job will be sent out daily to job seekers.
  • They can see it in the largely noticeable yellow "Hot Jobs" section on all pages of other job postings if they are in the same geographic location as you are and have the same topic.
  • You will be unlimited in your offers to all suitable candidates to maximize the interest of job seekers.
Maximum promotion

Payment methods

Visa or Mastercard

Bank transfer

Commercial offers

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