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Арт-директор, режиссер, продюсер, 150 000 UAH

Full-time, part-time, remote.


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Work experience


from 01.2017 to now (2 years 10 months)
Цветокоррекция, спецэффекты для кино

Рост продаж, рост подписчиков по всему миру, популярность компании в сфере инженерии и кинемотографа

Additional information

Alexander Makarov

Art-Director, director
Los-Angeles, CA, USA
Kiev, Ukraine
Searching for a long term successful career on film / video / tv / music market

Was born: 24.06.1981, place of birth: Ukraine, Nikolaev
Phone in Ukraine: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
Phone in the USA: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
e-mail: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
Skype: aleks.kallensky


The comedy English ONLY!


- Nikolaev Shipbuilding University, majoring in "Specialist in computer technology and software of the automated systems";
- Courses in leadership and management personnel;
- Picture at the Academy of Arts;
- Courses in public speaking;
- Acting school GoldGor Classik;
- Course ''On time'' management;
- Directing Courses Ostankino based film studio. Dovzhenko. Kiev. Workshop Kudryavtseva
- Course on Final Cut and video Engineering, Kiev, Ukraine;
- Courses "Sound engineering", mixing and mastering in ProTools;
- School CG Tarian. Moscow. Russia. Course - Character Animation;
- Dub Spot School. Los Angeles, CA, USA. Mix and Mastering;
- New York Film Academy in Los Angeles (Directing)


- Assistant System Administrator;
- Designer. Advertising and printing company ELF;
- Rrinter-Polygraphists. Advertising and printing company «Ajax»;
- Radio HIT Fm, Leading programs. Journalist;
- Teacher courses of PC users and computer graphics. The company «Phobos»;
- Leading. Dj. Owner. Night Club «NON-STOP».
- System administrator. Training Center ASTRA»
- Designer / Photographer. Marriage agency «Angelica»;
- Brand Manager product group regional areas. Battery Company «SADA. Participate in the development of two new brands of batteries - EKO and ORION;
- Advertising manager, designer of printed products. The company «League of Nova»;
- 3D Designer / Game developer. «Deep-Shadows» company;
- 3D Designer and VFX. Inter TV Channel;
- Film editor. Inter TV Channel;
- Art-Director. Script Writer. Inter TV Channel;
- Video Designer / Video Composer. SOTA Cinema Group Company;
- 3D Animator ( 3ds max, Maya). POSTMODERN Company;
- Head of Design and Advertising; The company «League of Nova»;
- Owner. Producer. Head of the shooting direction. Branding agency Postoronnim-V;
- Project Supervisor Samsung LeFler. Kiev Post Production;
- Head of the department of design of own programs. STB TV Channel;
- Producer, music composer. THESMILE Music Band
- CO-Owner / Music producer . EMMA inc.;
- Director and cp-producer of TV comedy English Only!

Russian, Ukrainian, English (up-intermedia);

Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro;
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator;
Logic X Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools;
DaVinci Resolve;
3ds Max, Maya ( just a little bit, mostly for a character animation );
Shake, Nuke;
Mac OS and Windows PS.

A professional musician, playing guitar, piano. Writing scripts, texts, articles. I really like making any video, editing and character animation.

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