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Python-програміст, 20 000 UAH

Full-time, part-time.


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Andrii Hetiuk

Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone number: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
Email: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
Date of birth: 19.09.1997


Young and high-energed person addicted to personal and professional growing with huge interest in security and programing. Have experience in development, testing (perform manual testing), design, analysis.
Addicted to continuous improvement, new challenges and interesting projects, love a good challenge and can work collaboratively.


Level of education – Bachelors degree in Major Technical
Protection of Information Systems(In Ukrainian- 'Системи технічного захисту інформації').
2014 – 2018: a student of the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" PTI. Major Technical Protection of Information Systems. Bachelors degree.
2018 – 2019: student of the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". Cybersecurity. Master's degree.

Main skills: Intermediate knowledge in Python(comercial experiance near 2 year):
- numpy, pandas, visualization with matplotlib, tkinter,asyncio, ;
- frameworks Tornado, Django;
- RabbitMQ, Mongodb;
- work with Linux(Ubuntu, Kali);
- work with Git.

Additional skills: Strong math background (statistical and complex analysis, linear algebra for creating machine-learning systems), analytical skills, decision making.
Soft skills: HTML, CSS, Bash, Matlab, security system construction,
good understanding of legal policy in CyberSecurity.

English: Upper-intermediate level
Russian: mother tongue
Ukrainian: mother tongue
Czech: Beginner


May 2018 – first place on the Robin8 PMES Hackathon, with ideas of improving
this system.
June 2018 – successfully finish courses Python Blockchain School.
June 2018 - work as a Python Developer in Robin8.

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