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Personal assistant, administrative manager, 30 000 UAH



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Work experience

Administrative manager

from 05.2020 to now (1 year 8 months)
Agriculture company

Work with primary accounting documents (managing bills and correspondence), arrange meetings, conclusion of contracts, book and arrange business trips, control the work of cleaning ladies and security, manage the office conditions and arrange necessary repairs, fulfill personal instructions from the management, project and event coordination.

Office manager

from 07.2019 to 02.2020 (7 months)

meeting visitors, coordinating phone calls, organizing the work of a cleaning woman, ensuring the life of the office (purchasing stationery, coffee, water), interpretation and translation, preparing the premises for meetings, fulfilling personal instructions from the management.

Personal assistant

from 06.2017 to 07.2019 (2 years 1 month)
Creative Records, Київ (recording studio)

Work with documentation, translation and interpretation from/into English; scheduling and organizing meetings, executive negotiations, booking tickets and hotels, performing small assignments, remotely organizing the work of the Creative Records studio affiliate in Los Angeles.


КНУ ім. Т.Шевченка

Фольклористика, українська мова та література, Київ
Higher, from 2014 to 2019 (4 years 9 months)

Professional and other skills

Computer skills
•Experienced user of 1C enterprise.
•PC - experienced user (full package of programs MS Office, Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop, navigation on the Internet).
•Typing - 200 symbols per minute.

Language proficiencies

  • English — advanced
  • Russian — fluent
  • Ukrainian — fluent

Additional information


•Interpretation and translation from / into English.
•Ability to find common language with clients.

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