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About Remail

Remail is a follow-up automation SaaS. Our mission is to connect you with the persons you need. If your goal is to get an answer — Remail will bring it.

4 facts in favor of using Remail:

1) More answers. Classic marketing emails bring about 3−7% of responses (and 20% open rate). Personal cold and warm emails bring 20% of the answers and more (and in average 50% open rate).

2) Less costs. You do not need to code HTML emails, again and again, write useful articles every week and pull the designer for the next header image. Moreover, 80% of these marketing emails will never open.

3) Higher ROI. In 2016, ROI of marketing emails was $40 for every dollar spent. ROI of cold and warm emails nobody counted… but it is much higher. And it’s good that no one counted — so far this way is used by few ;)

4) Free your time. Save up to 10 hours per week — instead of sending personal emails and numerous follow-ups. Remail will exclude those who respond automatically, and continue to seek answers from the others.

Examples where Remail is useful: search for investors, partners, customers, receiving feedback from journalists and job candidates, renewing relations with former customers and cross-selling for existing customers. The trick is to combine own interest in a person’s affairs with your desire to sell something to him.

Remail leads to smart & easy selling based on a simple reply to the email.

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