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Hi there!

We are «Emagine Soft» :)

A new IT start-up that is focused solely on the western markets of Canada, UK and the US.

Our goal is simple, to bring IT solutions to businesses (primarily front end, mobile and CRM/ERP integrations or implementations). However our approach is quite different from the rest…

See we don’t focus on making money, but on surpassing the expectations. The key to us is knowing that positive emotion, motivation and thinking outside the box go a long way…

If you are happy and have an interesting task, you solve it and you will do it not just ok, but do it great, your colleagues do the same and before you know it you have a super cool team that delivers super cool project, which means our client is blown away, they cheer, they clap and we all celebrate.

That is it, just like that it is another successful endeavor for the Emagine Soft family, where we designed and delivered something that could only be imagined before.

We challenge you to be the difference… ;)

P.s. If you can 'emagine' yourself in our family, pop us a message with your details, we are always glad to hear from aspiring individuals.

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