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Размер компании:
50–250 сотрудников

About Flock

Flock is founded by Bhavin Turakhia. Bhavin has also been the Founder / Co-Founder of Media.net, Directi, Radix, Ringo, Codechef and Zeta. These companies are comprised of 1500+ people, 8+ offices, 10+ million customers, revenues over $ 250 + million and a group, enterprise value of over $ 1.4 billion. Flock is an enterprise messaging and collaboration program that aims at increasing productivity and improving teamwork in all sizes and sizes. At Flock, we believe that enterprise communication should be efficient and efficient. With that goal, we have developed and deployed. Flock’s feature set includes:• Secure one-on-one chat / Group chat • Video conferencing • Audio Conferencing • Process Automation• Real time business process and workflow automation • Mailing lists … and much more With teams at companies like Tim Hortons, Victorinox, Aranca, Mothercare, Ricoh and Ituran improving their workplace collaboration using Flock, we are already helping teams have richer and more efficient communication around the globe.


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