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Managing your money is no small task, after all.

But just because we all have to manage our money that doesn’t mean we all necessarily like managing our money… and it doesn’t mean that we’re always the best at it, either. And yet, as business owners and regular consumers alike, we all have to deal with the maddening work of managing our money—every single day, no matter what. You’re probably asking yourself the same questions we were. Isn’t that why we have technology? Weren’t we supposed to be living better and better… not more and more stressed out?

The Beginning

That’s exactly where Tap founders found themselves, once upon a time in the year 2014. Or rather, that’s where they found most Middle Eastern business owners and consumers. They found that, for the world’s leading population of young, wealthy, online savvy, technologically advanced users to still have problems buying and selling things online in their part of the world… Something wasn’t clicking. We live in a world where we didn’t have to deal with drawn out set-up procedures, complicated systems, or inflexible payment methods anymore… but somehow we still were.

We knew there was a better way. And that way was Tap. So, Tap was born in May 2013, in Kuwait—and with it a whole new era of doing business online in the Middle East. Now businesses could finally bill, accept, receive, and make payments online… easier, faster, and smoother than ever before. Payment clearances that used to take days and weeks to setup, now took just a few hours. Integrating local businesses with the global e-commerce platforms became a real possibility.

Now that Tap is around, managing money—and managing it well—became a whole lot cooler.

Fast forward to present day

Tap now supports over 1000 businesses and major corporations (many of which we’re honored to say you’re familiar with) and has had a (digital!) hand in securing tens of thousands of transactions easily and efficiently for consumers all around the world.

We’re happily based in Kuwait where our caffeine-fueled team is working day-in, day-out on one really big mission:

Making your life easier and your business stronger

If you’re just a regular person, looking to give your life some much-needed clarity and comfort, goPay was designed for you.

If you’re running a business of any kind and need a simple, powerful way to start selling online and accept payments using goSell and the possibility to bill clients and collect online payments using goCollect, Tap was built specifically for you.

At Tap, our greatest goal is serving our clients, our users, and our community every single day. We believe in thinking differently and doing whatever it takes to get to «yes.» Our job is turn roadblocks into opportunities, both in business and in life. In everything we do we strive to be excellent, to over-deliver, and to leave those we impact with the belief that they can do and be more than they ever thought possible.

We are Tap. And you’re in the right place.

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