Hebei Eternal Puan Equity Investment Fund Management Co. LTD

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Mr. Ma

Hebei Eternal Puan Equity Investment Fund Management Co. LTD

Founded in 2014, Daheng Capital has branch centers in Hengshui and Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, based in Hebei, facing the whole country, and carries out a series of business activities such as industrial investment funds, financial consulting, listing counseling, and diversified government-enterprise cooperation. Asset class, industry and region.

Daheng Capital has established close strategic partnerships with participating companies and multi-level regional governments. It has cooperated with more than 10 regional governments and docked more than 1,000 enterprises, directly or indirectly as projects.Enterprises and regions have realized a total of over 16 billion yuan in investment and financing docking transactions.Daheng Capital has set up Hengshui Puxin Asset Management Co., Ltd., and cooperates with Hebei Province Caicai Industry Guided Equity Investment Fund Co., Ltd. and Hengshui City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. to jointly establish and manage the operation of the first local new industry fund in Hebei Province. Hengshui City’s first government industry guidance fund — Daheng war new industry equity investment fund.

At the request of governments at all levels, Puxin Assets has established county-level industrial guidance funds in various counties and districts of Hebei Province such as Wuyi County of Hengshui City, Ningjin County of Xingtai City, and Raoyang County of Hengshui City, and established a regional project resource pool.

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