HBB is a start-up dynamic IT company with a primary interest in mobile and web development. We work in Lithuania and Belarus; so, on the one hand, as EU residents we take full responsibility for the quality of services rendered and, on the other hand, a large outsourcing office in Belarus enable us to offer the most competitive prices.

For over a year of work we have released multiple projects for such platforms as iOSAndroidWP7. As we adhere to high quality and reliability we try to come up with an individual approach to each and every of our numerous customers.

Due to close cooperation with a client, commitment and creative strategies that we apply to provide solutions to the most complex and unconventional tasks we are working with clients from all over the world. We have a vast experience of business relations with representatives of different cultures and nationalities,both individual clients and big companies, and we constantly tend to treat them all with care and attention during the whole process: from the moment when we receive an order and to the moment when we complete technical support of a product after its successful release.

We often have to deal with turn-key application development where we need to create large-scale server solutions for our applications. HBB employees have a large experience of many years working withJava.NetPhp languages and are eager to implement your most demanding requests from development of data bases for your future applications to large web portals which provide a large-scale variety of services for multidirectional and complex business models.

When you choose HBB you get guaranteed highest quality service and convenience as well as successful realization of your boldest and most advanced ideas. We are always open to any suggestionsand welcome every new customer.

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