GBS Ltd.


GBS is a private consulting firm delivering top quality services in line with reputable international consulting and auditing companies. GBS is an effective knowledge center in engineering, institutional development, procurement and project management, utility and municipal sector advisory, accounting and finances, information technologies, economic and business analysis.

Depending on requirements, GBS provides consultancy services:

1. Accounting and Financial Advisory

1.1. Preparation of IFRS Financial Statements1.2. Correcting/Reconstructing Account Balances and Financial Statements1.3. Accounting System Review and Analysis1.4. Preparation of Accounting Instructions and Manuals1.5. Preparation of TOR for MIS in Accounting1.6. Due Diligence Assistance1.7. Financial Modeling1.8. Budgeting1.9. Training in Accounting and Financial Management

2. IT and Management Consulting Services

2.1. Hardware and Networks Advisory2.2. Software Advisory2.3. Software Installation and Data Entry2.4. Programming2.5. Complex MIS Solutions2.6. Budgeting and Plan/Fact Control Modules2.7. IFRS Reporting Modules2.8. Organizational Structure Optimization2.9. Restructuring and Turn Around Management Assistance2.10. Institutional Strengthening

3. Project Implementation Assistance

3.1. Fiduciary Services3.2. Development Objectives Delivery3.3. Regional Support to International Consultants

4. Public Utility Sector Advisory

GBS combines best consulting expertise and a broad background with project specific know-how and in-depth understanding of local requirements due to involvement in project implementation the best local professionals.

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