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Limelight Networks

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Катерина Лужецька
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About us

Limelight Networks Ukraine is a Research & Development Center of Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) - a global leader in CDN and Digital Presence Management. 

Our Culture

We don't pretend to be anything we aren't. Funny. Irreverent. Innovative.

Limelight was founded on breaking boundaries. On using technology to deliver content how it was going to be consumed. On looking at the future and building to it.

At Limelight, you aren't a follower. You are a leader. You are the enabler of companies to tell awesome stories across mobile, social, web, and even large screen TV. Which is why we focus on customer service. Every one of us. Every thing we build and everything we say is all about making our customers feel like they are working with a partner, not a vendor.

Your opinion isn't just valued here, it's rewarded. It's demanded. It's revered.

Why work for Limelight?

  • Flexible work weeks/schedules
  • Retirement/pension plans
  • Paid leave
  • Fun work environment
  • Global/diverse workforce

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