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A year ago, we brought together music lovers who were tech people, and tech lovers who were music people to embark on a mission to directly connect artists and fans. Together, we built a platform to help artists know their fans and create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

A platform where fans can watch exclusive videos, listen to music, be the first to buy limited edition merch or VIP tickets, and connect directly with other fans. We believe fans should be able to have everything about their favorite artists in one place, and the most loyal fans should be able to get noticed, get access, and get closer. We believe artists should have a platform to connect with their fans, on their terms and with no restriction.

Our mission is to use technology to help artists and fans create a direct, meaningful relationship. We call it, Straight-to-Fan.

We have 2 office in USA and technical department in Kiev.

Website http://bkstg.com/

Bkstg — Get closer

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