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Anti-Aging Center Europe

Контактное лицо:
Arcady Economo

Мы занимаемся лечебно оздоровительным туризмом: сброс веса, антиэйдж питание, посещение термальных вод Будапешта, Адриатического моря в Хорватии и т.д. 

Our company, Anti-Aging Center, has a main office in Budapest, Hungary and engages in theoretical and practical gerontology,as well as develops and implements programs to inhibit the aging processes. Our contributors and partners are: gerontologists, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, and pharmacologists. We have a special method of purification and rejuvenation through the introduction of our basic program - "Anti-Aging Cyclic Nutrition". This method includes the appointment of individually-adjusted nutritional programs (with daily calorie intake variable from 3000 to 0 cal). This Program is supplemented by traditional and non-traditional health procedures, like massage, colon-hydro therapy, thermal spa treatments, and many others.

Currently, such anti-aging programs are conducted in Hungary (Budapest) and in Croatia (Opatija and Makarska). We are planning to conduct similar programs in Spain, Italy and Greece in the near future.

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