Today's top-performing organizations know that great recruiting is about quality, not quantity. Yet, most companies are stuck in the transactional recruiting processes of days gone by, succumbing to limitations of disconnected systems and disjointed recruitment initiatives competing for budget. 

SmashFly breaks through existing technology barriers, enabling companies to execute a Total Recruitment Marketing strategy that delivers new power, strategic insights and better results for talent acquisition teams. Our Recruitment Marketing Platform - the most complete on the market - brings together job distribution, recruitment CRM, multiple career sites, social media, mobile and employee referral networks into a single, unified Platform. 

With our Platform, companies can unite recruiting efforts and manage them in one place across all types of hires and sources. They can strategically identify, interact and convert the right talent again and again. Most importantly, companies get the actionable, interactive analytics needed to shift strategies, allocate budget and make the right strategic recruitment marketing decisions - and hires - real-time, based on accurate data. 

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