Arloid Group

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Dima Nech

Arloid Group have combined and are now one of the fastest growing business groups in Middle East. We are a diverse group of individuals including engineers, scientists, high level managers and consultants. We work together to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions for our clients. Our core values support this, and create an environment where our people can flourish. We are: •Passionate about problem solving • Transforming the built environment • Restoring the natural environment • Service focused Our Directions are the following: • Arloid Development — Real Estate Development Company • Arloid Automation — Home Automation Products Development • Arloid — Businessman Services Agency • Arloid Syberia — Wooden Goods Trading • Arloid Racing Team Together we provide services to transform the built environment, to create new vision of home automation systems and developing its future. Our expertise ranges from development iconic buildings to shopping malls, development high-end products and deliver high quality goods from all around the world and to bring high level services to our clients. We have offices at United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg and Russia.


Real Estate, Building Automation, Home Automation, Water and Gas Leakage Control, Businessman Services, Thermostat Control, Wooden Goods Trading, Safety and Security Sensor, High-End Products Development, Notification Sensor Application

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