CompE Software Design s.r.l.


CompEd Software Design is a dynamic and innovative Company specializing in electronic document management software, workflow, digital signature, hand-written e-signature, time-stamping, electronic filing, electronic invoicing, multi-channel document delivery, PEC (legally-binding email), digital documents and electronic contracts.

CompEd was the first company to market a complete suite of products, legally compliant with the requirements of the European law for digital signature and electronic documents.

Founded in 1987, CompEd designed and built the first software for Postel Hybrid Mail Service. Our products have significantly contributed to the success of Postel.

For the success achieved in Italy, in 1996 CompEd was selected by Deutsche Post AG (one of the largest Companies in Germany) as Official Partner for «ePost», the German hybrid mail service. CompEd’s product «Mail Master » was approved by Deutsche Post AG as their official software.

CompEd designed «DigitalSign» and «DigitalFile», the first software for digital signature, time-stamping and electronic document archiving, compliant with European and Regional laws.

Today CompEd Software Design offers the most comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the most advanced and competitive software for electronic document management.

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