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Legal advisor

27 лет
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Joao Benavente Vargas
Cellphone: [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»)
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University of Tartu, Estonia
Master in Information Technology Law (2022-2023).
University of Lima, Peru
BA Law (2014-2020).
Work Experience

University of Tartu. 02.2023 – 05.2023
As a legal counsel on IT matters, I provided guidance on GDPR to ensure compliance with European data protection
standards. Additionally, I drafted NDAs, reviewed, and enhanced data privacy policies for certain companies, and
offered legal counsel on intellectual property rights. It's worth noting that, as part of comprehensive support for startups,
I also provided legal guidance on employment matters. All the aforementioned services were carried out through a
precise situational diagnosis facilitated by effective communication with clients from different economic sectors from
tech development until photography studios.
Lima Metropolitan City Hall. 01.2022 – 05.2022
As a legal counsel, I fulfilled essential duties which included preparing memorandums and reports, addressing legal
inquiries concerning both new and established regulations to ensure adherence to legal standards. I collaborated across
multiple departments to develop and execute impactful public policies including proposals to include IT tools to enhance
transportation control in the city. I addressed various legal matters, advocating the stance of the City Hall before different
institutions and authorities, including the national tax authority and the Congress of the Republic of Peru, and
successfully defending the City Hall position. Additionally, I conducted specialized legal training sessions for employees
of the City Hall, focusing specifically on transportation regulations.
Repsol Perú – Oil & Gas. 01.2020 – 12.2020
During my collaboration with the legal team, I actively participated in legal procedures before regulatory authorities
mainly in areas such as competence and hydrocarbons. This involved the drafting and negotiation of diverse contracts
encompassing surface, lease, intellectual property rights, commercial, and retail agreements, including those focused on
non-profit initiatives for social responsibility. Additionally, I was responsible to manage the extensive powers of attorney
system that encompassed the company's operations in Peru.
Banco de Crédito del Perú – Bank. 07.2018 – 07.2019
I was actively engaged in researching and analyzing binding regulations pertinent to the banking and fintech sectors.
This involved meticulous preparation of legal reports and memorandums tailored for the CEO, CFO, and COO. I was
entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing a diverse array of commercial and financial contracts. In addition to these
tasks, I coordinated outsourced cases in collaboration with law firms. Managing a substantial workload arising from
updates in regulatory law, I contributed significantly by providing precise legal interpretations that were instrumental in
enhancing operational efficacy. I learned how to listen to the clients’ needs and properly advise them.
Selmo Carcáusto Tapia – Notary. 09.2017 – 07.2018
I undertook comprehensive reviews and drafted a spectrum of legal documents including vehicle contracts, transfers,
and mortgages. I managed administrative procedures, refining operational efficiency, which consequently bolstered
profitability and mitigated legal contingencies. I actively cultivated client loyalty by delivering personalized attention,
not only retaining existing clients but also attracting new ones.

Leadership Experience

Former Research Director of Athina Law Journal, University of Lima.
Speaker in the Latin American XIII FELAIBE Congress “Bioethics, vulnerability and fundamental rights in times of
crisis”, 2021.
Thesis graded as outstanding by the esteemed panel at the University of Lima.
Trainings & Skills

Specialized training in Legaltech, Southern University of Argentina [Universidad Austral de Argentina].
Specialized training in law & artificial intelligence, University of Salamanca, Spain.
Fluent Spanish & English.
Knowledge of Portuguese, French and Estonian.
Currently learning Ukrainian.

History, technology, swimming, languages, psychology, and football.

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