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Грищук Виктор Петрович

Судовой электромонтажник

62 года
Желтые Воды

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Viktor Gryshchuk

Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Zhovti Vody town, Molodizhniy 25 street, 52201

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Date of Birth

Married, have a daughter


A student of a professional technical school of Kishinev. Diploma №837181 from 15.07.1977 year. Qualification: serviceman of control-measuring devices and automatics.

A permit for work
Electrical mechanic. Object “Cooling tower” technical school of Soviet Army of Rocket forces of strategic fixing. Certificate №28 from 8.08.1979 year.

A student of industry technical school of Zhovti Vody. Specialty: radio-device structure. Qualification radio-technician. Diploma №289654 SERIES Ю from 28.07.1984 year.

Certificate of checking of knowledge of technique of safety. An Integrator meat products plant of Zhovti Vody. Certificate №25 from 18.02.1981

Courses of adjacent specialties of Integrator meat products plant in Zhovti Vody. Electrical wilder. Certificate №31 from 18.09.1985

State technical surveillance USSR. A district of Kryviy Rig. Educational combine. Specialty: a locksmith for a repairing and automation. Certificate №20396 from 27.07.1985 year protocol №98.

Technical institute of cooling industry in Leningrad. Courses of a rise of qualification fоr the mounting, arrange and maintenance of the systems of automation and control with using of micro-processor and lines of computer. Certifiсate №6260 from 31.10.1998 year.

Dnepropetrovsk Region educations combine of a rise of qualification of labor and technique of safety.
Certificate series Б №205668 from 08.12.1988

Dnepropetrovsk association “Dnepromyasoprom” checking of knowledge’s of technique of safety in gas Equipment of energy surveillance cooling mountings of ammonia.
Certificate №3 from 4.08.1993 year.

State enterprise educational combines “Krivbasstroy”. Checking of knowledge for the guarding of labor the rules technical maintenance of electrical equipment in the building. Certificate # 12 from 29.11.2001.

A certificate – permit to a work in electrical installations lower and high voltage. This certificate # 17 was distribute 06.03.2008.

1. English - the level necessary for an execution professional duties, reading of technical documentations and electrical schemes
2. Russian – free
3. Ukrainian – Free
4. Moldavian - beginner
Work experience & Skills
Integrator meat products plant (03.1980-08.1994)
In this period of time I started my work as electrician of maintenance of electrical equipment and arrangement of control-measuring devices and automatics, and I finished my work as engineer-electrician of enterprise.
I have a working experience in maintenance, repairing, mounting and arrangement of electrical part of equipment below and above 1000V with fifth group permit for work:
1. Power transformer substations to 1000 KWA
2. Power distributing devices and boxes
3. Automatic switches, relays, starting, electrical motors and other co mutational equipment
4. Condensering installations (for compensation of reacting power)
5. Welding devices and transformations such as work in a medium of carbon dioxide and argon
6. Pumps and pump stations that work in automatic regime on pumping of sewages and water supply
7. Refrigerating machines and piston and spiral compressive installations that work on an ammonium and other gases changing Freon
8. Electrical part of technical equipment, separators, pressers, hydraulic pressers, cranes and lifts, pneumatic automats an arrangement that are working on a compressed air
9. Lighting of the shops and premises outside lighting with using lighters and search lighters: halogen lamp, xenon, fluorescent, sodium
1. Control-measuring devices and automatics: signaling, regulating and protection of refrigerating and compressive installations with protection by pressure liquid of ammonia, by temperature, by level of liquid, by receiver, by concentration of ammonia in the shop and other
2. The protection of electrical motors by temperature, by alternative current, by voltage with using relay of time, relay of a control of oiling in a system and bearing
3. Repairing of the showing devices, measuring expense, pressure, voltage, current, time, level strewing and liquid substances in that number in a system where are using the same principles of work with a subsequent tuning on the corresponding stands
4. Tuning and regulating of the system of automatics with using of the primary sensors of various types in that number are local and that are have an exit on the control desk or a computer.
5. Boiler automatic installation for a heating of water and production of a steam that are working on the natural gas, black mineral oil, electricity and other types of a fuel.
6. Ventilation system with a control of temperature, humidity and other parameters
7. Conveyor lines, ribbonal, spiral and blade conveyors
8. Water towers, artesian chinks and automatics that work on the same principles
9. Concentratometers, devices for measuring chemical environments, recording devices showing and regulating with execute mechanisms and laboratory electrical equipment.
RLM-HANSA, Libya, Tripoli (01.2005 -12.2005)
In Libya I occupied with a maintenance and repairing, an adjustment and regulation of electrical equipment and automatics of the four substations, the general power of these substations is 6000KWA (1500KWA each of them), electrical motors of the powerful pumps, 20 industrial conditioners of the system Chiller plant that are working in the one whole system of the air-conditioning in whole medical center. Heat carrier – water, that is colding with compressors to the set temperature and with powerful pumps it moves in the building of the medical center and it goes so on a circle. On each of the conditioners are set four compressors that are working with a colding of the evaporators with horizontal ventilations. The conditioners are operating with microprocessors. All system is working in the automatic regime with the account of the temperature of the outside and a humidity inside the premise and other parameters that involve to the power unit’s work, circulating pumps, feeding pumps, ventilations.
I occupied with:
1.An adjustment of the regimes of the work on the microprocessors
2. A compensation of the jet power
3. An account of the using electrical energy
4. An observance of the temperature regime
5. A repairing of the difference types of protection
6. A control of a level of the oil in the transformators
7. An adjustment of the loading, starting and other parameters.
8. A control of the regime of work of electrical motors of pumps (4 pieces on 250 KWA)
9.A maintenance of the small electrical motors of the pumps of a feeding, circulating pumps, ventilations, auxiliary electrical equipment and automatics
10. A control and an adjustment of the regimes of the work of the conditioners
11. A repairing of the changing of the parts of microprocessors, starting equipment
12. A repairing of the breakages and revision of the automatics and electrical equipment
13. A refueling of the system with a liquid (or gas), a control of the oiling of all electrical motors and compressors
14. A regulation of the system after performance of the repairing works.

Russia, Voskresensk A plant of remaking a metal (01. 2006-2008)
My work in Russia was connected with a repairing, maintenance and a regulation of the machine tools on the remaking a metal: turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, whirligig, hammer machines, planning machines and other. These machine tools are using pneumatics and hydraulics and microprocessors.
And also I occupied with a repairing, maintenance and regulation of:
1. The welding devices and automatic machines with various types of welding (in a carbon dioxide medium, argon medium and other).
2. The cable lines level and high voltage.
3. The outside and inside lighting.
4. The automatics of the artesian chink and the coppers for heating of water and a steam manufacture that are working on the natural gas, automatics of gas safety, pump equipment.
5. The electrical furnaces for tempering, hardening, cementing, small smelting furnaces for aluminium, furnace for heating, drying dresser, laboratory electrical equipment.
6. Blacksmith’s and pressing equipment, electrical hammer.
7. The pressers on production a plastic and rubber products.
8. The machine tools on a remaking a wood.
I performed the works with malfunction definition, repairing or exchange:
1. Power electrical motors of a direct and alternative current.
2. Coils, set, startings, relays, electrical magnet, electrical-magneting valves, pulling mechanisms, generators, transformers, choking coil, electrical braking drums, electrical coupling muffs, sirens, calls, of direct and alternative current.
3. Contacts, automatic switches off, startings, knifes-switch, contacts of power electrical chains and operating chains, switching’s, electrical button and final switches off, electrical keys.
4. An equipment with the tiristors of operation and power tiristors, generators, rectifiers, power units, a block for operation, converter, block of a signalization, elements of automatics with using of the transistors, diodes, micro schemes and other radio elements, using testers, generators, oscilloscopes and other auxiliary devices and instruments.
5. Automatic of the boilers with sensors on a pressure of gas, draught, a control of a flame, a pressure of a steam in a boiler, temperature, expense and a level of a liquid, executing mechanisms and other elements of automatics.
6. Repairing of the manual electrical instrument.
I work with a welding, can drive a cargo car and a car and I have a correspond documents.

Skills: The basic knowledges of the principles of work of instrumentations, their device, an automation of the technological processes, telemechanics and a robotics. And also the bases the electrical engineers, pneumatics, hydraulics, radio and communications. The basic knowledges of the devices, the principles of work of an electric equipment, the typical schemes of management and regulation. Independent drawing up of the schemes with an account of the types of electrical equipment, the devices, a power consumption, a loading and other characteristics. Reading of the structural, assembly, technological, principal schemes, both local, and system, including in English.

Personal information
1) Libya contacts: RLM-HANSA GmbH CH-6340 Baar Switzerland. Chief engineer Beat Bucher Tel. mobile [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация») Phone ++41+716221212. E-mail: [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»)
2) An Integrator meat products plant in Ukraine, Zhovty Vody t. [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»), [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»). Address: Zavodskaya street 12 A; Zhovti Vody.
3) Russia, Moskovskiy region, Voskresensk town, Suvorova 2a Street. Mobile phone of the technical director 81079168165035, Kirpichov Viktor Grygorievich Phone of the energoservice 81074964433007, Knyazyev Eugenie Ivanovich, mobile phone 81079168259081, personnel department 81074964433571 chief Kulakova Lidia Myhailovna.
Additional Information

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