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Video Editor

29 лет
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Artem Husachenko

[открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация») · WhatsApp · E-mail · Telegram · LinkedIn · Portfolio · Kyiv, Ukraine

──────────────────────── PROFILE SUMMARY ──────────────────────────

I am a video editor with an excellent client-oriented mindset, extensive experience managing
successful multi-million-subscribers youtube channels as well as individual video projects and a background
in vector graphics design. I am adept at creating high-quality video content that often exceeds client
expectations and strive to stay up to date with design trends and industry standards. I demonstrate
exceptional communication and collaboration skills and strive to provide clients with visually engaging
content that resonates with their target audience.

──────────────────────────── SKILLS ──────────────────────────────

Proficient in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for YouTube channel and
individual video projects. Familiar with DaVinci Resolve for post-production work.

Design Software
Highly skilled in Adobe Suite products, utilizing Adobe Illustrator for vector creation and editing. Proficient in
Adobe Photoshop for raster graphics, photo editing, and complex formatting. Experienced in Adobe
InDesign for designing and formatting printed materials such as catalogs and books. Familiar with Figma
for designing UI elements.

Organization Tools
Proficient in using Atlassian products, particularly Jira for project organization and workflow management.
Skilled in using Trello for task management. I've also tried various task managers, including trendy ClickUp.

Sometimes it is necessary to use software preferred by the sales or management team, so I freely use both
Microsoft Office products and Google. The Notion was mainly used for team documentation.

Creative Artificial Intelligence
Practical experience in utilizing AI tools for creative tasks, including generating image and video prompts.
Familiar with applying AI solutions, such as automating work tasks from meeting notes.

Ukrainian and Russian are my native languages. I possess a B1 level of proficiency in English, with a
particular strength in written communication.

───────────────────────── WORK EXPERIENCE ─────────────────────────

Video Editor Jan 2022 - Present · 2 yrs 2 mos
IQ PAW (Youtube Channel) · Part-time

● Creating entertaining vertical short videos for diverse social media platforms.
● Curating visually engaging content tailored to the unique appeal of vertical video formats.
● Skillfully integrating soundtracks, color grading, and essential production elements for impactful videos.
● Independently sourcing relevant footage and music from platforms like YouTube and stock libraries.
Video Editor Aug 2023 - Jan 2024 · 6 mos
Next Level Apps (Product IT company) · Full-time

● Video advertising production for mobile applications and games.
● Concept development for video clips and creation of video content for various target audiences and
promotion channels.
● Working with soundtracks, color gradients, and other video production elements.
● Independent search for appropriate footage and music on YouTube and stock platforms.
● Adherence to the task specification throughout the work process.
● Localization of texts in the final Adobe After Effects project.

Video Editor & Channel Manager
Milusik Lanusik (Youtube Channel) · Full-time Jan 2016 - Feb 2022 · 5 yrs 9 mos
Mila Toys (Youtube Channel) · Full-time Jan 2018 - Aug 2021 · 3 yrs 8 mos

● Creating captivating video content for various social media platforms.
● Designing video concepts and curating video content customized for a diverse audience and promotion
● Working with soundtracks, color grading and other crucial video production elements.
● Independent search for appropriate footage and music on YouTube and stock platforms.
● Led and managed a team of scriptwriters, cameramen, SMM specialists and other video editors.
● Organized teamwork to make sure video production projects were successful.
● Guided and supported my team, creating a creative and cooperative workplace.
● Handled social media channels, responding quickly to comments and engaging with subscribers to
build a community and loyalty.

Vector Graphics Illustrator Jan 2016 - Apr 2018 · 2 yrs 2 mos
Freelance · Part-time

● Implementing a cohesive visual style and tone with Product Designers and Content Strategists.
● Creating custom icons for mobile and web applications.
● Created high-quality vector graphics for stock studios and individual clients in various industries.

─────────────────────────── EDUCATION ────────────────────────────

Sumy State University

Bachelor's Degree · 2012 - 2016
Electronic Instruments and Devices (Technical Specialist in Electronics and Telecommunications)

Master's Degree · 2016 - 2018
Computer technologies and nanomaterials in electronics

────────────────────── LICENSES & CERTIFICATIONS ──────────────────────

The Complete Adobe After Effects Bootcamp: Basic to Advanced - Udemy
Credential ID: UC-68a6dea5-8f09-4e36-9356-45c274db1a08

English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course - Udemy
Credential ID: UC-faa6ff0c-1d93-4cc9-9c8a-fe5c3fc526d9

English language - level B1 - Campster
Credential ID: 543132

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