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Senior DevOps Engineer (Media Conglomerate)

DataArt    VIP 
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Опыт работы от 2 лет, высшее образование

Описание вакансии

DataArt is helping one of the world’s largest music conglomerates to transform its key business areas. The client has united dozens of record labels, creating a substantial redundancy in their applications. DataArt is consolidating the software of conglomerate’s members by developing unique platforms that consist of reusable function blocks. This platform approach enables integration of labels while eliminating redundancy and allows the client to save resources and automate various processes. All services (UI framework, data service, master data management, big data platform) are built to be reusable.The software assists with various aspects of the label’s operations, including tour management, merchandising, rights and licenses management and analytical tools.Along with restructuring and redefining services, DataArt is also developing and implementing strategic decisions guided by market changes.Participation in this project is a great introduction to various aspects of the music business and an enriching experience of working with complex systems.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Experience working with large systems deployed on the cloud.
  • Knowledge of AWS techniques and technologies (ASGs, VPCs, access control, security management).
  • Experience implementing CI/CD.
  • Knowledge of configuration management systems (Ansible, Chef, Puppet).
  • Experience with non-relational databases (preferably Cassandra).
  • Knowledge of Linux.
  • Good spoken English.
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