Суперспрокс Україна, ТОВ

Вакансія від 21 січня 2020

Production Technologist

Salary is disscused individually during the interwiev.

Суперспрокс Україна, ТОВ
Промисловість, виробництво; 50–250 співробітників

Житомир, вулиця Корольова, 132.
5,2 км від центру · На мапі

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Повна зайнятість. Досвід роботи від 5 років. Вища освіта.

Опис вакансії

Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance motorcycle sprockets. A supplier and technical partner to many motorcycle producers, KTM Austria, Husqvarna Austria, Honda HRC Japan and Yamaha Japan. With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field. The company has supplied the quality racing sprockets since 1959.

Supersprox is looking for Production Technologist, a person experienced, passionate and devoted to work, to be a part of team in production factory in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Requirements for the candidate:

1. Has 10 or more years of experience in production. Machining and actually working in some machining processes.Or minimum 5 years experience + education as technologist.

2. Is able to view new progressive processes of production and adapt that process for use in Supersprox, by way of analyzing the process requirements, tooling, machines and transferring to our needs.

3. Is able to communicate in English, to allow study of modern processes outside Ukraine and Russia markets. To communicate with foreign suppliers. This is a must have requirement.

Key responsibilities of Production Technologist:

1. To optimize and standartize the technological process of the production of our products, to introduce and improve technologies in the production and set up control mechanisms to follow the agreed processes by shift managers and workers. to look for additional, higher-performance, resource-saving technologies.

2. To carry out rationalization of use of workplaces for achievement of the best production capacities.

3. To manage employees involved in production, to coordinate and direct their work, to check process in use is in accordance with actual technological process, to organize work to train employees.

4. To cooperate with other members of the team in developing the necessary technical documentation, defining standards, bases for calculating the cost of production, etc.

5. To be able to work in a team and accept new responsability, with a positive mental attitude.

A friendly team, comfortable working conditions are waiting for you. We are expecting from you desire to work, develop and improve your skills, and we will help!

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