Studio Kapi

Studio Kapi

Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників
Контактна особа:

Traditional and CGI (computer-generated imagery) 2D and 3D animation for feature films, television, advertising and games

Studio founder and author of famous Ukrainian children’s animation brand, Natalia Guzeeva says: «Animation is a self-reflection, empathy, creativity, and this very cocktail turns a human being into an Individual, who, if not Saves, certainly will Not Destroy the World.

Animation is new worlds «which do not exist», but the ones you grow into immediately after first frames, as in a familiar environment. Animation is new characters «whom no one has seen», but after first frames you already think they are your neighbors. But most important for us is the idea of the cartoon, developed in an original plot. The idea that will make you think, it will upturn everything inside you, and will show the usual problem in an unusual perspective. It is a plot the narrative of which you follow not knowing what is around the next bend, the death of a hero or his winning. To evoke emotions and their comprehension is what we want to work for."

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