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UNDP serving the people of Ukraine

As the development arm of the United Nations, UNDP supports strategic capacity development initiatives to promote inclusive growth and sustainable human development. Through partnerships with national, regional, and local governments, civil society, and the private sector, UNDP strives to support Ukraine in its efforts to eliminate poverty, develop people’s capacity, achieve equitable results, sustain the environment, and advance democratic governance.

What do we want to accomplish?

The main goal of UNDP is to support Ukraine on its sustainable human development path towards a more prosperous, democratic, inclusive and resilient state where no one is left behind and each voice is heard.

We are guided by the Millennium Development Goals and the UN Conventions to which the Government of Ukraine is committed. All activities are particularly aimed at fighting poverty in rural areas through the implementation of effective social, economic and environmental development models and through the support of democratic processes, partnerships and institutions.

We assist and strengthen national and local actors to develop sustainable solutions promoting inclusive national, regional and local development.

UNDP works in partnership with the Government of Ukraine, UN agencies, development partners, civil society and local communities to help identify local solutions to meet global and national development challenges through a range of interventions that combine UNDP’s expertise and comparative advantage.

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