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Front-end developer for static sites with React or Vue.js

Please see job description

Маркетинг, реклама, PR; меньше 10 сотрудников


Удаленная работа, готовы взять студента.

Описание вакансии

We need a web developer who has intermediate + English level. You should know (or can quickly learn) how to build static sites using a React or Vue.js framework. We would like you to use either Gatsby static site builder (based on React) or Gridsome (based on Vue.js). Please see https://www.gatsbyjs.com/ and https://gridsome.org The static sites will be connected to Wordpress. So it will be good if you also have knowledge of Wordpress and understand the concept of headless CMS and the Wordpress REST API.

Is that you?

This job will start with one small project, and we will go forwards from there. Once the project is complete, we can discuss salary.

The start project details:

Build a simple, clean static website with a simple design, using either Gatsby or Gridsome. Both frameworks have plugins that connect to Wordpress so content can be used (so Wordpress as a headless CMS). The website layout should also use a CSS framework (bootstrap, foundation, tailwind, etc).

The Wordpress site already exists, so this does not need to be built.


This job is for a React or Vue.js developer. So you need to either know one of these languages or be willing to learn quickly.


We want to start with a smaller project so we can understand if you are the right developer for us.

The initial project will be paid separately, and once it has been completed successful, we can talk more about the job and salary.

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