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Customer care agent, call center operator, sales manager, 20 000 грн

Полная занятость.
20 лет
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Опыт работы

Healthcare Volunteer

с 06.2023 по наст. время (10 месяцев)
Pharma-Tether, Remote (Medicine, pharmacy)

• Customer care and support for Pharm-Tether patients.
• Ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction through effective communication.
• Providing invaluable assistance and fostering a supportive environment.
• Commitment to enhancing patient experience and well-being.
• Delivering exceptional customer care services with professionalism and empathy.

Customer Support Specialist | Call Centre Operator

с 11.2021 по 01.2023 (1 год 2 месяца)
Dashspeed Logistics, Remote (Transportation and logistics)

• Managed incoming calls efficiently, addressing customer inquiries and concerns as a call center
operator for Dashspeed Logistics.
• Resolved customer complaints promptly and professionally to ensure high satisfaction levels.
• Facilitated seat bookings and coordinated customer requests to streamline their experience.
• Executed a comprehensive range of customer service tasks, maintaining a customer-centric approach.
• Played a pivotal role in enhancing Dashspeed Logistics' service quality through adept customer care and

Customer care agent, Call Center Operator

с 11.2020 по 09.2023 (2 года 10 месяцев)
Queeney's Bakery, Other countries (Hotel and restaurant industry)

•Assisted customers with inquiries, resolved issues, and provided information over the phone.
•Managed incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring efficient communication.
•Maintained accurate records of customer interactions and transactions.
•Offered support and guidance to customers in a polite and professional manner.
•Addressed customer complaints and worked to find satisfactory solutions.
•Updated customer account information and made necessary data entries.
•Followed call center scripts and procedures for consistent service.
•Collaborated with team members to share knowledge and improve service quality.
•Adhered to call center metrics and performance goals for productivity.
•Continuously improved skills through training and feedback sessions.

Sales representative, Customer Service Manager

с 08.2019 по 09.2020 (1 год 1 месяц)
Issy Beauty Salon, Other countries (Beauty, fitness, sports)

•Successfully identified and engaged potential customers.
•Built and maintained strong client relationships.
•Achieved and exceeded sales quotas and targets.
•Conducted persuasive product presentations and demonstrations.
•Prepared regular sales reports and forecasts.
•Provided exceptional post-sale support and assistance.
•Stayed updated on new hairstyle trends and competitors.
•Developed and executed effective sales strategies.
•Collaborated with the sales team to meet objectives.
•Attended training sessions to enhance sales skills.
•Adapted sales techniques to different customer needs.


University of Uyo

Pharmacy, Other countries
Высшее, с 2020 по 2026 (6 лет)


Дополнительное образование и сертификаты

Content Writing Certified

2022, 1 month

Customer Service (Diploma), Saylor Online Academy

2022, 5 months

Знания и навыки

Communicability Creativity PC User Active sales Zendesk B2B Sales B2C Sales Responsibility Microsoft.Office.Tools Google Workspace Work with clients Kommo Management of CRM Direct sales

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Английский — свободно

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