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Резюме от 31 октября 2018

Эминян Аида Варужановна

Head of sales

Полная занятость.

26 лет

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Опыт работы

Head of Sales, Head of Support, Buisness trainer

с 03.2016 по 05.2018 (2 года 2 месяца)
Alfa Fin Group, Киев (Financial services)

1st of March 2016 – May 2018

Worked as a sales manager then team leader and currently as Head of English desk in “Alfa Fin Group”. This company mainly worked with American and Canadian clients. My main responsibilities first (as a team leader) was assisting sales managers in my team through making sales, helping them, listening and correcting their speeches, updating scripts, explaining how to work with different affiliates, checking CRM for mistakes, solving all the “inside team disagreements”, arranging team-building programs for the people in my team. My responsibility as a “Desk Manager” currently are: educating of selling techniques unexperienced/experienced and with little experience new comers in our company, checking work of two team leaders, writing scripts/educational materials for managers, checking banking system, listening to conversations to highlight missed work of team leaders, checking CRM, checking Support Department, helping to close deals, leading the most difficult/ experienced clients. Increased conversion rate from 2% up to 20%. When the company first started there were only cold calls, later on with ups and downs started to receive hot trafic but with very low amount of daily registrations. First was responsible for 12 team members, then 20 and at last for 50 and including support team.

Work duties:

-Maintained sales volume (up to 80k monthly).

-Maintained professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops.

-Mentored sales representatives.

-Onboarding activities. Trained new people to ensure success.

-Ensured correct usage of CRM and other sales applications.

-Managing, correcting, teaching, creating scripts and templates for Support Desk.

-Creating scripts, updating and making sure everyone is following speaking protocol.

-Sorting out and fixing serious issues between company and the client.

-Counting salary for each of managers in the company.

-Solving all the conflicts and issues inside the team’s.

-Organizing outdoor activities with the managers.

-Making sure everyone is appreciated, there are no conflicts and every one is enjoying their working hours. Because happy employee brings lots of success to the company.

Sales manager English, Scandinavian and Polish desk

с 09.2015 по 02.2016 (5 месяцев)
BeOnline Solutions, Киев (Financial services)

Worked as a sale manager in “BeOnline Solutions”.

Worked as sales manager mainly for English desk, but due to high request for managers with other languages, I also assisted clients who spoke Polish, Norwegian, Swedish and German. My responsibility’s were to convince, make interested and close deals with clients (both just registered and old clients).
Had one of the highest resaults according to English desk performance (20-45 sales per month ).

Sales manager English, Scandinavian and Polish desk

с 07.2014 по 09.2015 (1 год 2 месяца)
Noosphere, Киев (Financial services)

My main responsibility’s were to make interested, convince and close deals with hot, cold leads/ clients. This company was providing services to countries all around the world accept restricted country's (due to political, financial situations) and USA. Was working there on few language desks directly, deled with English, Polish, Norwegian client. Had quit good sales performance there 15-35 sales per month with volume of 8-15k. Unfortunately all of managers were fired and then the company reorganized and moved to a different country.


Bahmut Medical College

General Nurse, Bahmut
Среднее специальное, с 09.2009 по 06.2012 (2 года 9 месяцев)

Знание языков

  • Английский — свободно
  • Украинский — свободно
  • Русский — свободно
  • Норвежский — продвинутый
  • Шведский — продвинутый
  • Немецкий — начинающий
  • Датский — средний
  • Польский — свободно

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