Web Amg Services Inc.
Вакансія від 23 лютого 2018

Senior Front End (JavaScript) Engineer

Web Amg Services Inc. 
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Компания RevJet (www.revjet.com) приглашает Senior Front End (JavaScript) Engineer присоединится или возглавить команду разработчиков одного из приложений CSP и принять участие в создании общей архитектуры платформы и интеграции приложений


  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript
  • Experience with CoffeeScript/TypeScript would be a plus
  • Understanding of ES6 would be a plus
  • Understanding of AMD/CommonJS/ES6 modules
  • Experience with package managers Bower/NPM/Component/…
  • Experience React/Ember.js/Backbone.js/Angular (hands on experience with Ext JS is a huge plus)
  • Experience with Node.js (not just «Express/Hapi + Redis/MongoDB» experience)
  • Performance tuning (including memory consumption)
  • Experience with Grunt/Gulp/…
  • Experience with JSCS/(ESL|JSh)int/…
  • Experience with Git/Mercurial
  • Experience with various template engines (both client-side and server-side)
  • Experience with at least one programming language that is not JavaScript (including transpiled ones) or PHP (BONUS)
  • Experience with RDBMSs and NoSQL solutions
  • Confident Linux/Mac OS X user
  • Programming paradigms and associated patterns — OOP (MVC/MVVM), FP (FRP), Event-driven programming (Pub/Sub, Mediator)

Working remotely or from one of our offices: Kiev or Odessa (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia)

Opportunity of relocation to Canada after at least a year of work for Company

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