Rakia Georgia Free Industrial Zone

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Mrs. Nino Kuprava
995 393 25254/5/6

Introduction to RAKIA Georgia Free Industrial Zone LLC

RAKIA GEORGIA FIZ LLC has established the free industrial zone with the world class infrastructure in the Caucasus region at Poti in Georgia. This is the FIRST free industrial zone in the region having the strategically convenient location with the access to the markets of EU, Central Asia, Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

We are inviting manufacturing, trade, services & consulting, logistics companies in mainly all business sectors and industries to start-up their operation in the tax-free environment of Poti FIZ. Poti FIZ provides the same level of suitability for the companies involved in High Tech Industry as for the traditional ones, like Agro Business. We are primarily attracting the foreign companies that operate in the South Eastern Europe and CIS region (or plan to operate).  Our free zone is the very suitable solution for the companies who are seeking for diversification of their selling markets, on the one hand, and search for the ways to the cost effective supply chain restructuring, on the other.

The project has full and complete support of the Government of Georgia and therefore a very investor friendly free-zone regulation is in place.

For the initial stage leasing rates in the Poti F.I.Z are very competitive and attractive being one of the lowest in the Black Sea region. Lease cost for 1sq.m starts from USD 7 per year for manufacturing companies.  Hence the early investors stand to gain a lot on long term basis.  The rental is fixed for first ten years. The price for different type of licenses (manufacturing /commercial, trade, logistics, service/consulting and contracting) starts from only USD 2500 per year – the lowest in the EU. 

Important advantage particularly for Middle Eastern businesses is that Georgia enjoys preferential import regime with EU and USA though GSP + (with European Union) and GSP with America which means that on 7200 types of goods there is tariff free –quota free trade with the regions. Also important is free trade agreement with  CIS countries which enables import tax free trade with these countries. 

The region (Caucasus) itself has a multimillion consumer market where there is a possibility to reach out increasing number of affluent consumers.  Therefore we offer you different facilities, like warehouse for distribution center or a factory to produce goods locally, and gain high profitability by operating in tax free industrial zone.

Free Zone is adjacent to the Port of Poti (which is one of the biggest and oldest port in the Black Sea) and, therefore, provides excellent supply chain management possibilities. Port of Poti is linked with Ilichevsk (Ukraine), Varna (Bulgaria) and Kavkaz (Russia) ports by direct railway-ferry lines, and with Novorossisk (Russia), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Rize (Turkey) ports by direct motorway ferry lines.

For more details please go to our web site www.rakiageorgia-freezone.com

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