MAHLE Polska Spolka z o.o.

Контактна особа:
Joanna Szkudlapska-Wlodarczyk

MAHLE Polska Sp. z o.o. company is one of the MAHLE Group sister’s company.

Currently we employ over 2600 persons. As well as for the applicants and for employees we set the qualification requirements on the highest level. A system of staff development makes possible to provide a continuous monitoring of staff qualifications and analysis of trainee demands. An yearly trainee program for employees is worked out based on the trainee demand analysis. The used tools and instruments of Human & Resources Management System and Motivation System contain not only many trainee programs, but also analysis of trainee program effectiveness and implementation of projects which are focused on personnel occupational education development of each employee groups with a scope of special skills for instance: technical and interpersonal one.

The motivation system , besides salary incentives includes a wide range of incentives except salary such like: trainee of personnel, yearly discussion with employees, a big number of social activities.
A main target of Human & Resources Policy is to bring together the individual occupational employees targets with the company’s targets as well as to undertake activities in order support creation of the incentive system in which the employee identifies himself with the company.
Human & Resources Management System of Mahle Polska Sp. z o.o is based not only on internal activities within company but also oriented on external institutions, significant on the job market.

As a result of cooperation with District Work Office , District Administrator Office, schools, is a continuous improvement of educational system , creation of the new workplaces and to enable the occupational activity increase for students and unemployed persons.

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