Burani Interfood s.p.a.

Оптовая торговля, дистрибуция, импорт, экспорт

BURANI INTERFOOD is a commission, intermediary and representation company in the food industry.

Our aim is to find the best suppliers for our customers and the best customers for our suppliers. Moreover, thanks to a decade-long presence in the market we are able to report the best prices to our customers and suppliers as well as the offers and demands that come from all over the world. The products we are mainly meat and frozen fish, but also rice, pasta, sugar and canned goods.

Our added value? An efficient logistics services, an extensive network of offices that allows us to be always on the side of our customers, the ability to find the right customer for an exact product and vice versa, a native speaker staff ready to meet your needs, credit insurance and the serenity of relying on a great of food professional.

A young, dynamic company that delivers raw material and semi-finished products to the entire production chain.

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