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Whether you’re new to Big Data or just want a streamlined, TRICE approach offers solution that frees up more time and resources, High-performance, in-memory database that combines the horizontal scalability of distributed systems. Leveraging years of experience, we’ve reimagined how Big Data should be done. Our Data Cloud is purpose-built for performance, reliability, and security. It easily scales to meet your largest jobs. Our approach is discover how your organization actually operates. Gain new metrics to connect employee activity to business results and leverage on TRICE Analytics to drive organizational change. Our BIG Data management can bring your organization Volume, Velocity, Variety, variability, Complexity and resolution TRICE data management, strategy and sources building assist in increase corporate efficiency. Data take from multiple sources, process and store it and then pull it out again allowed the bank’s marketing department to examine the data «more on an intra-day than a longer-frequency basis. Large enterprises with sophisticated information security architectures, as well as security vendors looking for more efficient ways to store petabytes of event or machine data. In the past, these companies would store this information in relational databases. „These traditional systems weren’t scaling, both from a performance and cost standpoint“.

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