Phantom Life Services

Размер компании:
10–50 сотрудников
Контактное лицо:
Сергеи Межерицкии
+1 (310) 536-6885

We are a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Malibu CA

Our company is a rehab facility with many affiliates in Los Angeles that treats a very select clientele

from alcoholism to other drug addictions We mainly work with actors and other celebrities, the kind of clients that can afford our services. Being in Malibu our service is of course first class all the way.

The usual client stays with us from 60 to 90 days, and we prefer to deal with one client at the time, because this way we can dedicate more effort to each one, but it doesn’t mean that we only deal with one.

We are not limited to a number of clients we can take, Our company has limitless possibility for expansion

as well as we are not being tied down to California. We plan for expansions to other locals in a near future

We currently have 2 doctors working with us and 4 nurses among many other drug counselors and trainers

to sell our High End service to Psychiatrists, Drug Rehabs and others potential clients.

We provide first class one on one aftercare for the drug rehabilitation industry, specifically the high end clients that only want the very best. Our service is very exclusive and therefore expensive.

For more info call or see our website at

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