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Alexander Lyabah

CheckiO is the game for coders.

We make those with basic coding skills coding rock stars. It’s all done through an adventurous game, through the strong community and with the support of the visionaries (Guido van Rossum, the author of Python, is our advisor, code reviewer and chief community inspirer). The major universities use and recommend CheckiO for their students, such as MIT EdX, University of Washington, University of Texas, University of Arizona, University of Queensland in Australia and many others. Dropbox, GitHub and O’Reilly Media have partnered with us. By adding other languages we want to become the top game where coders from all over the world come to have fun with code.

We are a fun team with people from all around the world. We are backed and funded by VegasTechFund, TechStars, AVentures and a group of prominent investors. You are joining a well backed team at a right time, when your input can help us reshape the coding industry.

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