EZLO Smart Home Automation


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eZLO home automation project is an international project which is developing under one of the most popular and noted branch — IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Home automation, or the smart home, is the concept of being able to monitor, manage, control, and automate just about every piece of electronics in your home, such as your TV, music system, lighting, thermostat, appliances, video surveillance, door locks, etc. Home automation has been around for decades, but it is transitioning from custom/high-cost solutions to more mainstream price points, driven by the use of lower-cost wireless

Some functionality in integrated home automation systems:Lighting.HVAC.Window treatment.Security.Home entertainment.Domestic appliances. Main goals of eZLO:Easy to setup, easy to use, state of heart product.Affordable for the mainstream market. Main components of eZLO:eZLO home controller (arm based linux board).IoT cloud infrastructure.Mobile applications.Webbased support tools. Wireless home automation technologies:Zwave.Zigbee.BLE.Wifi.

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