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Having a base in Stockholm, we’ve only been around for 1.5 year, but we are growing quickly. Right now we are 14 people, working in different capacities, located in Kyiv, Stockholm, and London. We have an office in Kyiv, right next to the National Opera. But you really don’t have to be at the office all the time (or at all) — work from where (and when) you feel most inspired / productive. We are quite flexible!

We are good at:
  • Process automation systems
  • Chat-bots, conversational app
  • Data processing, analytics, reporting
  • Idea testing and agile product management

We are curious about:

  • Inspiring companies with meaningful, exciting, and challenging projects
  • Trends on user behaviour and innovations in UX / UI solutions
  • The latest developments in AI, ML, NLP, and the whole data science domain
  • Companies like Valve, Zappos, Spotify and their fresh views on work

Agile philosophy and the Teal paradigm

We support interesting companies with all aspects of utilizing the modern technology to grow and improve their businesses. We help structure and deliver tech projects from A to Z.

We are also building a product of our own. We hope it will, one day, improve the way other products are being built.

We believe that work can and should be meaningful, fulfilling and fun. We are not looking for «the right skills to deliver on our projects»; we are looking for «the right people to join our team».

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