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About Querix

Querix is headquartered in Southampton, UK, founded in 1994, and is targeting two markets:

  1. 4GL maintenance market.IBM®-Informix®-4GL-based compilers, development tools and services for all common 32bit and 64bit platforms, including Windows, Linux and various flavors of Unix.The mission is "… to enhance the 4GL language with the latest technologies without requiring developers to make changes to their 4GL source code."
  2. RDBMS market. Tools for migrating the applications from one RDBMS to another RDBS without changing a line of the application source code.

Querix product family:

Lycia — an all in one software suite that edits, compiles and deploys the Informix® 4GL language and forms of the legacy applications, and executes them in a modern and technologically open context.Lycia includes:

  • A Development Studio based on Eclipse, using the 4GL language,
  • A graphic Interactive Debugger
  • A graphic Form Designer
  • A graphic Report Writer
  • API’s to integrate other languages, message queueing, applications and BOTS
  • Application Servers and Web Servers for runtime

Lycia is the rebirth of Hydra 4GL — a preceding 4GL compiler developed by Querix and still widely used by various companies across the globe: Thomson Reuters, AT&T, FIS, infor, the Navigator Company, etc.

4GL App Analyser — a toolbox developed to automatically generate documentation for the 4GL apps.

DBT — Application migration tool for move apps from Oracle to MS SQL. New to the market. We anticipate its further compatibility with all mainstream RDBMSs.

  • No need to retrain the users to work with the updated apps, as their look and feel won’t change.
  • No need to reverse engineer your apps to make sure the workflows were preserved.
  • No need to rewrite your apps, as we don’t touch the source code.
  • No need to teach your staff new programming languages. They can keep writing code (to modify the apps) as they are writing it for Oracle, and this will work.


  • We work in the Agile environment and practice iterative development.
  • We speak C++, Java, JavaScript, Node.js. We breathe React, boost, STL. We are into MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM Informix, 4GL.

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