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Constructivism Art Residency in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine) Welcomes You

On the behalf of the creative community of the city of Zaporizhzhia, we are glad to express our respect and gratitude to the Visegrad Fund for estimating the true value of arts and freedom of creative expression, as well as supporting cultural participation and mobility of talented artists and researchers.

Our experience

We are a group of culture managers, artists, scientists, experts and volunteers with decades of successful experience in artistic and socio-cultural field. Since 2006 we have provided more than 400 events of various formats and scale including art exhibitions, international conferences, performances, walking tours, public dialogues, participatory social projects for local communities in Zaporizhzhia, educational courses, advocacy campaigns, and more.

Due to the active work, currently we have partnerships with the Consulate General of Germany in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), the US Agency for International Development and …

What we introduce

As the result of our previous work, we are launching our new project — Constructivism Art Residency, which is intended to become a creative platform for studying the Ukrainian Constructivism in its architectural, social and cultural aspects. We aspire to set up a foundation to renovate the Constructivism’s legacy and to add the architectural complex to the list of the world’s most known valuable objects.

Taking into consideration your interest in art and culture development, we are writing to ask for the possibilities of cooperation with your fund and/or its special programs. We would appreciate either your recommendation of any funding sources or adding our Residency to your database, as well as any other forms of informational support. The proposition below may be interesting for you within your program activity, your grantees or partner organizations.

What we offer:

  • Exposition and lecture hall, workrooms based on the Gallery of Contemporary Art, which is placed in the historical part of Zaporizhzhia, close to its Constructivism district and right near to the famous Dniprohes.
  • Zaporizhzhia Constructivism Museum, thematic photo collections and literature.
  • For residents we provide accommodation (4 persons), workrooms, informational and consultative support for the projects, supervision and monitoring, a printing office, other technical support on demand (a projector, a screen, etc.).
  • Guide services in Zaporizhzhia, working on the base of partner institutions and studios as well as arranging the outdoor work spaces.
  • A space for managing and keeping artistic, social and research projects, either for individuals or groups of 4 people.

Who may be interested:

  • artists, architects, researchers inspired by the Avant-garde and Constructivism, in particular;
  • historians, journalists, writers exploring the history and culture of the so-called Socialist cities…

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