Emme Evolution SRL

Промисловість, виробництво
Розмір компанії:
50–250 співробітників

Emme Evolution, the owner company of Pregiò Couture brand, seeded in Martina Franca, was born in the late 90s with a precise corporate philosophy: the specialization in the padded outerwear, in the form of parka and down jacket.From Itria Valley, the ‘valley of trulli' and of olive groves drawn by the dry walls, to the prestigious Exhibitions of Paris, Moscow, Poznan, Madrid and Düsseldorf and on the pages of the most famous women magazines: it took a lot of effort to give birth to an international brand from a small family-run business.The structure remained familial, but its diffusion is the same that could be expressed by an industrial grade company.

The fabric quality and the scrupulous manufacturing, by themselves would not be enough to reach the objective of development and growth, if they were not supported by an efficient diffusion of the brand by the Commercial Direction, organized in two divisions: one to manage the distribution in the 1500 Italian and foreign shops thanks to the co-operation of agents throughout Europe; one to deal with the development of sartorial collections for those companies who decided to enter the market with fancy articles.

A qualitative breakthrough has been made, always with a view to development and growth, thanks to the diffusion across the border, when Pregiò Couture started to enter the market until then preserve of the northern European multinationals. It was necessary to oppose garments thathad something more than their basic and functional down jackets. The parka and down jacket proposal, by the Italian perfect style, feminine and fancy which had seemed a daring plan in the beginning, became a winning hunch afterwards: the turnover has been increasing every year and many buyers have become loyal customers.Customers convinced by the original design of Pregiò Couture down jackets, by the fabric of the finest quality and the careful attention for the details.

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