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Verismic is an award-winning global leader in cloud-based IT endpoint management and green technology solutions enabling greater efficiency, cost-savings and security. Verismic develops powerful, user-friendly technology to enhance and simplify the task of managing IT infrastructure from the cloud. The Verismic product range delivers solutions designed to reduce operational costs, enhance end-user experience, provide increased security and enable greater organizational efficiencies. Verismic reduces infrastructure complexity, while saving in administrative costs and decreasing computer energy waste for businesses of all sizes, higher education institutions and government agencies worldwide. Products: Verismic’s Cloud Management Suite (CMS) is an agentless, cloud-based IT management software solution that is revolutionizing the way IT professionals engage in endpoint management. Built for the cloud, CMS has no agent, which means there is nothing for the IT administrator to install, maintain or patch; and no need to reinstall an agent when machines reimage—providing a first-of-its-kind agentless solution in the cloud. Verismic’s Power Manager is an enterprise cloud technology (also available on premise) to reduce computer energy waste within any sized environment. Verismic is the leader in cloud-based power management solutions. Verismic’s Application Packaging Service, provides fast and accurate MSI packaging and App-V Sequencing. Helping clients put an end to unsuccessful and time-consuming software updates, patch deployments and migrations.

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